Only Three (3)?

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Only Three (3)?
37.75 in
47.5 in
(96 cm x 121 cm)
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I live in a beautifully wild temperate rain forest near the Selkirk Mountains of Idaho that has been home to the Woodland Caribou for 70,000 years. As old growth forests have been decimated by logging and other industrial activities, the Caribou have struggled for survival. Aerial surveys in 2018 found only six remaining Caribou which were relocated to Canada in the hopes of saving the species.

Humans are responsible for the decline of the Caribou. We must protect our precious areas of wilderness, and the animals that inhabit them, for future generations. Take action by voting for environmentally conscious lawmakers, speaking out against activities that damage the forests, and supporting groups devoted to protecting all inhabitants of our planet.
Hand-dyed fabric, commercial batiks, hand-dyed wool
Raw edge fused appliqué, felted, machine quilted