Nordic Shaman

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Nordic Shaman
59 in
45 in
(150 cm x 114 cm)
Photo Credit
Pol Leemans
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I am Danish with a love for the Japanese concept of wabi sabi. In this piece I wanted to combine Japanese and Scandinavian aesthetics. The shape is alluding to kimonos, but it is also very similar to a dress found in a Danish grave from the Bronze Age. The color blue is well known from the use of indigo for Japanese cotton cloth but also from Scandinavian peasant cloth. The patching and recycling - I had just discovered the Japanese Boro tradition in 1998 - is found in both culture, and I imagined that this 'coat' with Rune letters could have been worn by a shaman during the Viking Age.
hand-dyed cotton
screen printing, collage, hand quilting