Mapforms #11

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Mapforms #11
48 in
32 in
(122 cm x 81 cm)
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Climate change and its effect on our water is a very real threat. In the American West, we are in an historic multi-year drought, with river flows and reservoir levels at all-time lows. While water rights and usage is a complex legal issue, it’s well past time to take action, not only through efforts to slow global warming, but to conserve water, our most precious resource. Continuing to turn the natural desert landscape into unnatural green spaces through irrigation and irresponsible landscaping and agriculture is affecting not only the current water supply, but that for generations to come. We must allow rivers to flow and the natural landscape to prevail.
Cotton, fiber reactive dyes, acrylic paints, markers, paintsticks
Dyed, painted, freehand drawn, screenprinted, machine stitched