Lost in Translation

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Lost in Translation
24 in
34.5 in
(61 cm x 88 cm)
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As a new member to SAQA, my first thought when reading the Text Messaging Call of Entry was the use of acronyms or short-form lingos. I soon discovered a dictionary of 40 pages of such lingo and their definitions while researching the web. That was quite a discovery.

Lost in Translation quilt came into effect, creating fictitious conversations through the use of such lingo.
I'm personally a low user of text messaging, mostly with my nephew, which he recently used a lingo which I couldn't decipher the meaning; we had a good laugh about it. Being in the business world for more than 25 years, we do see the common lingos in internal emails, online messaging tools, being used by the younger generation, etc.

The background vortex is split into nine small fictitious conversational messages on this quilt, which 98% are in the use of lingos and several smileys. Note that the messages does not contain any illicit lingos/definitions.
This piece is more of a conversational or puzzle for all viewers willing to try in decoding the various messages.