Illusion #2

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Illusion #2
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This is one of a series of quilts, exploring the illusion of overlapping transparent triangles. The triangles were pieced from strips of fabric, hand dyed in value (light to dark) gradations of the three primary colors (Turquoise, yellow, fuchsia), and the three secondary colors (green, orange, purple). Each triangle was pieced separately and then cut into horizontal strips. The strips of two triangles were alternated when they were sewn back together. This creates the illusion of more than one triangle occupying the same space. As the groups of triangles were sewn together, the illusion of long vertical diamonds appeared in the background. In contrast to the geometry of the pieced design, the quilting was done in a freeform, swirling, organic design, using shiny rayon embroidery thread in many colors. All of the machine quilting was done freehand, with no marking of the quilt top. The original design for this quilt was drawn, using Corel Draw, a computer assisted design program.
100% cotton fabric � batting: 80% cotton / 20% polyester
Hand dyed, machine pieced, and quilted

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