The Disappeared

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The Disappeared
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Irene MacWilliam
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In 2013 I was asked by the Curator Roberta Bacic to make a piece for an exhibition titled 'Testimonial Scraps' at the Park of Memory: Monument to the Victims of State Terrorism, Buenos Aires, Argentina
I free machine stitched figures of people onto black fabric. The images were then cut through, leaving voids to represent their disappearance. Through the apertures one can read on the red backing cloth words such as fear, denied, disappeared, torture etc, words taken from research on the disappeared. I was thinking of the fate of the disappeared in Argentina, in my country of Northern Ireland and on a global basis.
This piece is part of my collection of work referencing world wide events, this collection includes 27 annual quilts of world events plus 2 Peace Quilts, Life Goes On and various hangings referencing care of the environment. Black and red to me represent conflict, black for despair and red for bloodshed.
Free machine work, cut out apertures, word stamping on backing piece. Backing was hand dyed as I had no red fabric.

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