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Deidre Adams
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I explore ideas of time and transformation, inspired by the structural elements and seductive surfaces of old buildings and walls. An old wall tells a story, like a canvas upon which both nature and human beings play and leave their marks. Over the course of many years, layers of paint and graffiti are applied, only to be eroded by sun, rain, and wind. The result is a surface rich with texture and color.

I use the textile medium of fabric and stitch to impart a unique texture, both visual and literal, to my work. I want the work to carry a physical reminder of the artist's presence, a visual diary of sorts. Patterning and design from the base fabrics interact with the stitching and my personal system of painting and mark-making to create a richly layered surface that captures the essence of my original inspiration.

(This piece was created for the SAQA 12 Voices exhibition. It was also exhibited at the U.S. Embassy in Tirana, Albania, as part of the Art in Embassies program.)
Commercial cottons, acrylic paint
Machine pieced and quilted, hand painted

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