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Naomi S. Adams
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I am intrigued by the way that we constantly adapt to change and are continually reconfigured by our experiences and influences from the world around us. Our relationships are expected to respond to growth, challenges and change. We may want to cover up experiences or parts of our lives, but remnants of those parts of ourselves are always there, in some manifestation, often peeking out from behind a front we have created. I engage in a process of creating, deconstructing, and then redefining a new composition to communicate the depth of our complex, multi-faceted lives and ever-evolving relationships. This fiber art piece is an abstract expression of growth and reconfiguration from my environmental experiences, represented by mushroom growth on trees.
Artist Designed Digitally Printed Kona Cotton Fabric, Kona Cotton Commercial Fabric, Artist Hand Dyed Shibori and Solid Hand Dyed Cotton Fabric, Commercial Cotton Print Fabric, Cotton/Rayon from Bamboo Batting, Cotton and Polyester Thread.
Machine-Pieced, Machine-Appliqued, Machine-Quilted, Other Other Techniques: Digitally Designed Fabric, Overdyeing, Dyeing, Piecing, Fused Applique, Stamping, Machine Quilting, Knife Edge Binding.

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