In The Beginning

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In The Beginning
24 in
60 in
(61 cm x 152 cm)
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In the beginning God created heaven and earth, says the Bible. Coming across an "In the beginning" selvage, a wonderful coincidence, I knew what I wanted to say in my quilt. OMG was one of the first acronyms to be used in text. I always feel uncomfortable looking at them because I think the letters form a very powerful connotation. One-dimensional letters, but when read together they scream an emotion all in capitals-OH MY GOD. With always an implied exclamation point.

Creating the letters in reds juxtaposed against the white background with minimal quilting, allows the letters to jump out and hold the viewers attention. As an old computer programmer from the 70's, I was able to marry my love of everything technology with my love of folk art, where technique has room for error, and need not be perfect.