9.29 In The Morning

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9.29 In The Morning
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This piece developed from a series of photos of the ground, one taken every 37 steps I made during one day. The resulting images were in some ways as I expected, unframed and random, often slightly blurred, with a deadening repetition of grey pavement, tarmac roads and floor tiles. Welcome to my life.

However, there were also some unexpected instances of beauty: a pink petal mixed with the dust around cobblestones; an interesting pattern from the cracks in the paving slabs; the linear repetition of stairs. All things I had not noticed in my quick jog through the day. If I hadn’t dismissed it as dull, if its familiarity had not made me immune to it, there were things of interest to enhance my day. This is based on photo 57 at 9:29 in the morning.

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