12: Blue

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12: Blue
28 in
62 in
(71 cm x 157 cm)
Photo Credit
Mark Gulezian/ Quicksilver
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My work is first and foremost a careful consideration of formal design elements. After years of resisting the allure of surface design, I find myself now within it's enthrall. Several years ago I was drawn into exploration of mixed media on paper to delve into more expressive mark making. My current fiber work is a reflection of this journey.

This piece, is dominated by resist surface design and painted with thickened dye. Part of an ongoing series, these resist circles provide the opportunity to explore the notion of strength within fragility. Each circle with its imperfections quivers about the edges, brought together in a grid formation they stand boldly in strength. Each grid is then paired with a composition exploring line work to create a dialogue across the surface.

Using formal design elements as a starting point, it is only through deep engagement with my materials and processes that content is eventually revealed.
Cotton, thickened dye
Machine pieced, machine quilted