Art Quilt Quarterly (and Collector) archives

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Launched in 2015, Art Quilt Collector was an important step in the progress of quilts as art within the tradition of journals focusing on the tastes and interests of those collecting a specific medium. These collectors’ publications begin to appear at a crucial stage of art forms, when enhancing and developing an expanding market will appeal to collectors. Our goal was to support artists as well as collectors, creating an informed community for this exciting medium.

This publication  - now called Art Quilt Quarterly - has since expanded to include Juried Artist Member portfolio and even more content. Each issue focuses on a special art quilt collection, a collection belonging either to an individual or a museum’s collection. Additional articles provide information about how to care for your collection: storage, insurance, shipping, hanging, exterminator concerns, and more. Other information includes cataloging your collection, copyright, and how to find a home for your collection when you’re ready to pass it on.