Support the Power of Art!

Join us as we celebrate the future of art exhibitions.

The heart of SAQA’s programs are its members. You make it possible to share our art with others through virtual galleries and global and regional exhibitions. In 2021, even with many venues needing to close due to health safety, SAQA traveled 12 exhibitions to 23 venues, launched 6 new virtual galleries, and had 24 regional exhibitions traveling. This couldn’t have been done without your support. Our community is at the core of our mission, advancing the art quilt. 

SAQA’s success is because of you!  Your volunteer hours, your dues, your gifts are what make SAQA possible.

Our Power of Art campaign is inspired by Dorothy Caldwell’s A Lake, A Bowl. Join us as we celebrate the future of art exhibitions. 

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Power of ARt (artwork by Dorothy Caldwell)

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