Profile of Fulvia Luciano

me22aFulvia Luciano is a well-known Italo-Venezuelan artist who makes her beautiful art quilts in South Carolina.  She was recently interviewed by Clairan Ferrono.

“After a 20-year career as a paralegal, I decided to look elsewhere for sanity and satisfaction.  I gave myself one year to find something that would fit me; something that I could do with my hands and that would feed my soul. I knew I liked sketching and doodling but I had no interest in paper as a backdrop; I did not know whether this could be done in fabric but the idea appealed to me so I started to experiment.

I taught myself every single aspect of how to draw on fabric, how to paint it, rust it, dye it,sew it.  The first years were spent doing, learning tirelessly; now, fifteen years later, I know exactly what I love to do, how I like to work, and how to do it.  My work revolves around painting, printing, sketching, dyeing and stitching.

I have focused exclusively on private commissions for the past 3 years, and for 2015-16 I plan to return to my own personal work and to teaching.”


City Gridlock 2014 36x72"

City Gridlock 2014


City Gridlock 2014 36x72"

Storm 2013



Maelstrom 2014 24x98"

Flow 2013


Flow 2013 60x60"

To Their Watery Graves 2014 90×36″


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