SAQA members and Fiberart for a Cause

FFAC2015logo“The 100, ” a fiber art fundraiser for the American Cancer Society, takes place on February 4, 2015. The goal for this fiber fundraiser for the American Cancer Society is to raise $10,000 in one day. For all the details, Click Here.   Many SAQA members are invited artists:

Kathie Briggs
Winter is a time for nature to rest in anticipation of new growth in spring.  The winter solstice marks the change from the days being shorter to growing longer again.  It can be a time of monochromatic landscapes that invite reflection.

Winter Solstice 12x15"

Winter Solstice
12×15″ by Kathie Briggs


Salzburg 2013 5x5" matted to 9x9"

Salzburg 2013
5×5″ matted to 9×9″

Linda Colsh
She was so slight, it seemed a gust could pick her up and carry her away. She picked her way down the Salzburg side street, unnoticed; and I wondered if she would get to where she was going–or if she knew.

I currently focus on aspects of growing old and the issues of being elderly: invisibility, isolation, privacy, identity, and our concepts of what is beautiful (or not). My approach is humanist and my themes are solitude and dignity. My imagery is chosen to portray the effects of age and wisdom, and how experience enables people to cope (or not) with the often-overwhelming world they navigate day in and day out.

Jette Clover

Interjection 1

 Jay Dodds
Creative Crone from studio Q: 100 Fiber Artists’ teaser!

Suzan Engler
Shares a sneak peek of her work. Click Here to see more

Tiny Darkness 8

Tiny Darkness 8 by Clairan Ferrono

Clairan Ferrono
I have been working on The Darkness Surrounds Us series for many years and have recently been doing small and very small pieces.


Sunny 10.5" sq

Sunny 10.5″ sq by Susan Knapp

Susan Knapp
This piece is based on a sketch I made of a freshwater sunfish. This is my favorite fish from my childhood. Wholecloth painted and free-motion machine stitched.


Carol Larson
My collages are a mix of fabrics I have designed and commercially printed.  The recipient will get to choose a colorway to suit her own taste.

Textile Collage 2015

Textile Collage 2015 matter 8×10″ by Carol Larson


Key XI  Framed by Susan Lenz

Key XI Framed by Susan Lenz

Susan Lenz
Embellished bits of assorted fabric including a scrap from an antique kilim rug, beads, and an old key.  Uniquely shadowboxed framed with Plexiglass.


Judy Momenzadeh
Original digital image on cotton fabric, free motion quilted.

Gone 2014 11.25x13.75"

Gone 2014
11.25×13.75″ by Judy Momenzadeh

Frieda Oxenham
This piece has been embellished lavishly and also incorporates gelli plate painted fabric.

Up in the Air 2014 8x11"

Up in the Air 2014
8×11″ bt Frieda Oxenham


Bottle from Pa

Bottle from Pa

Wen Redmond
My work for the FiberArt for a Cause has recently been published in the new Dec/Jan Quilting Arts Magazine 2015 in my article “Mini Puzzle Quilts”. Not only will you receive the mini-quilt but the magazine in which it has been published! “Bottle from Pa”  includes the brush hanger too!



Lesley Riley
This mixed media art quilt, which features image transfer with TAP paper (Transfer Artist Paper), is actually the image featured on the TAP packaging.  The quote reads “Our yearning is alive in direct proportion to our capacity to wonder.”


Artwork by Lesley Riley


Susan Schrott

Pinwheel Tree if Life 2014

Pinwheel Tree if Life 2014

I created it using my own hand dyed fabrics and embellished with variegated threads and Sworavski crystals. I am so inspired by Virginia that I knew I wanted to create something that represented Life, Growth and Healing.

Sandra Sider
I am going to create a custom piece for the donor who ends up with my name.

Judy Warner

A Sneak Peek!

Kathy York
Canoe was made from leftovers from this quilt.  This one reminds me of Austin, TX, my home!  We have a fabulous river running through the center of town, surrounded by a lot of development, but with a lot of park space preserved too!  There are several places along the river to rent canoes, kayaks, sailboats and rowing boats (those long thin ones!).  It is one of my favorite activities in Austin!  Getting back to nature without having to travel very far, and some great exercise.  I have seen many interesting animals along the sides of the river, from dogs playing with their humans, to coyotes, racoons, turtles, many, many types of birds, and occasionally fish.


Canoe 2014 8×10

To see the names of all 100 Fiberart for a Cause invited artists Click Here.

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