SAQA Benefit Auction Stories – Section One

We always love hearing about how our members are inspired to create their piece for our annual Benefit Auction. Here are more stories about four quilts from Section One (available for bidding September 17 – 23, 2019).

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Elisabeth Nacenta de la Croix
SAQA JAM member from the Europe/Middle East region.

My piece is called “La traversée de l’Espoir”. It is about the hope for a better life all the migrants from Africa put in their journey to Europe. Most do not know how difficult it is going to be and that they may not be welcome. The red piece of fabric (cut from an old Japanese fabric I found in Nara) symbolizes a boat. The red color is chosen on purpose as too many of these immigrants journey’s will not end happily. Many of the boats are overflowing with people dramatically decreasing the chance of travel and survival. The blue background fabric is a shibori I dyed. It represents the sea and its uncontrollable movements. But there is also hope in the color blue—new life under a new sky.


Nancy Turbitt
MA/RI Region

My auction quilt is called “Poppy”. I am one who likes to set quilts aside if they don’t seem to be going as planned. Sometimes I go back to them to finish them up as I discover new methods which will help complete the piece. Other times, I just look back at what I have begun and see it with new eyes. “Poppy” was a segment of a quilt begun in 2006, tucked neatly in my storage all these years. I particularly loved what was going on with the leaves, but the whole piece had problems. So I cut the best 12″ x 12″ piece out of the whole and finished it up for the auction. It only took me 12 years to complete it!

Sherry Davis Kleinman
Northern CA/NV Region 

My auction quilt was inspired by a photo I took at a friend’s backyard “farm” here in the suburban Los Angeles area.  They have an oversized lot where they grow corn and many vegetables, and raise chickens.  I grew up in Iowa in a town, not on a farm, so my chicken experiences were limited to visiting the farms of my uncles and aunts.  I have a fondness for birds, so when I was visiting their backyard, I snapped many chicken photos.  I love their attitudes and jerky movements as they search and strut the ground for food.  Using a photo for inspiration, I used the Art Rage App on my iPad and “painted” the images with my Apple Pencil.  What fun it was to recreate the chickens and turn them into an art quilt.  I sent the image to Spoonflower to be printed onto fabric, which I then machine and hand stitched.  I have made quite a “flock” of bird art quilts over the years, this one is just the latest creation.

Lisa Ellis
Former SAQA President 

For many people, piles of stones document a person’s spiritual experiences in the wilderness. The Bible tells us that when ancient Hebrews experienced an encounter with God, they would build an altar by piling whole stones. As a sojourner came across a pile of these stones, he or she would be reminded that God was present. At my favorite beach on the coast of California, this pile of stones reminds me of God’s faithfulness in my life.

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