SAQA Benefit Auction Stories—Kristin Shields

We always love hearing about how our members are inspired to create their piece for our annual Benefit Auction. Kristin Shields has donated many quilts to the SAQA Benefit Auction, and this is the story behind this year’s quilt.

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Kristin Shields

Earl Grey in the Morning was created as the third piece in my Teatime series. The first two pieces in the series were made for a book challenge and were inspired by No One Can Pronounce my Name by Rakesh Satyal.

I was inspired by the following quote from the book. “She had taken down a large assortment of cups and saucers, and a shiny silver serving pot presided over them like a proud parent.  Fancy, loose tea leaves, and containers of cardamom and ginger were at the ready.  The kitchen was made beautiful with their smell.  She was going to make true Punjabi tea.” 

In order to prepare to make the larger book challenge piece I made a small version similar to Earl Grey in the Morning.

All of three pieces were created with cotton, linen, and various silks from my stash. 
I researched Indian teapots to develop my teapot design. 

The colors in this piece were rather spontaneous in origin and when I was done I realized they made me think of Earl Grey which is my tea of choice for my morning cuppa.  

This piece includes hand dyed and commercial silks.

About Kristin

Kristin Shields is a long time member of SAQA who has donated to five auctions. You can see all of her previous Auction Quilts by following this link. Kristin is a daily art maker, to see what she is up to please visit her website

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