Dream Collections from the 2018 SAQA Benefit Auction

Each year everyone is invited to create their ideal collection curated from the beautiful Benefit Auction quilts created and donated by our generous and talented members. We asked “In a perfect world, which artworks would you select for your very own?

Many members select their collections based on themes. For example, SAQA member Martha Warshaw selected her Dream Collection based on several design elements.  The collection is called Lines, Shapes, and Colors.

Sue Benner  Tommy Fitzsimmons  Kathleen Kastles  Rose Klein  Cindy Loos  Uta Lenk

Color is also a great way to visually organize your Dream Collection. SAQA Member Lina Alho based her Dream Collection on the color blue. 

Margaret Blank  Anne Burns Johnson  Susan Leslie Lumsden  Maya Chaimovich  Nancy Bryant   Fabienne Peter-Contesse

Subject matter is a really fun way to look at curating your Dream Collection. SAQA member Doris Hulse curated her collection around the subject of fish.

Linda A. Campbell  Helen Godden  Leslie Jennings  Katie Walwyn  Sue Siefkin  Martha Wolfe

SAQA Board Member, Gwyned Trefethen created her collection with her granddaughter. According to Trefethen, “My six year old granddaughter and I spent a delightful time looking over the auction artworks and selecting her 15 favorites. She then had the difficult task of whittling them down to these delightful six”. What a great way to cultivate a young collector.

Margaret Abramshe  Jeannie Bench  Monica Jarnot  Kestrel Michaud  Denise Oyama Miller  Sue Rienzo

Creating your own Dream Collection is a excellent way for all of our members to be involved in the auction. It can also help you prepare your bidding strategy.  443 quilts means there really is something for everyone.

Besides creating your own collection, it is interesting to view other members’ collections—it is a peek into the minds of our members.  For example, Verticality curated by Geneviève Attinger is a beautiful collection based only on vertical lines.

Judy Langille  Michelle Perkins  Heather Pregger  Jeannette Schoennagel  Brenda Smith  Kathy Suprenant

We hope you will take the time to create a Dream Collection of your own and help promote the SAQA Benefit Auction on your social media. Every little bit helps spread the word. Additional graphics are available on our auction promotion page.

The Benefit Auction kicks off September 14th with Diamond Day, an early-bird opportunity to purchase any quilt for $1,000.  Then on September 17, the auction changes to a reverse auction format (there are 3 bidding sections) and the price goes down each day to a final price of $100.

For complete details about how the auction works, please visit the SAQA website. If you have questions, please send them to auction@saqa.com

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