July 2018 In Review

SAQA Global Exhibition Highlights

In 2007, SAQA had two exhibitions. In 2018,  SAQA has 15 different global exhibitions traveling to four continents and 10 countries, appearing in museums, galleries, expositions and quilt shows. Don’t miss this informative blog post about the SAQA Exhibitions Committee, and the work they are doing to support our exhibitions traveling the world.

SAQA Global Exhibition 3D Expression has scheduled its debut location – it will open at the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum in Grand Rapids, Michigan in June 2019. Additional museum venues are pending!

This exhibition will feature contemporary 3D artworks exclusively including wearable art, dimensional quilted items, vessels, and sculptural works. Wall-hung artwork will be allowed but must be 3-dimensional per the depth requirements in the prospectus. The deadline for SAQA members to submit work for this show is February 28, 2019. For complete details please visit our website .

H2Oh! opened at the New England Quilt Museum in Lowell, Massachusetts and will be on view until September 23, 2018. Offering a variety of artistic interpretations, this exhibition invites viewers to consider the importance and the impact of water, one of the most vital, desired, powerful, sacred, and enjoyed resources on earth. View slideshow »

Individual Member News

Congratulations to our newest SAQA JAM (Juried Artist Member) Stephanie Crawford. Please visit her website to learn more about Crawford and the art she is creating.

Artwork by SAQA JAM Stephanie Crawford
SAQA JAM member Barbara Schneider concluded her solo show Leaf Patterns at the National Quilt Museum
 in Paducah, Kentucky. Schneider is featured in this video where she talks about her exhibition.


SAQA JAM member Betty Busby gave an artist talk at the Oklahoma State University Museum of Art in conjunction with the SAQA Global Exhibition Layered Voices (on display until August 18th).

There was an excellent  write up in the Boston Voyager about SAQA JAM member Sharon McCartney .

The Myth of Meditation by SAQA JAM Sharon McCartney


Regional News

“Stitched Together” is a SAQA Regional Show featuring the work from the Illinois-Wisconsin Region. The show was on view from June 23- July 21 at the Bloomingdale Park District Museum in Bloomingdale, Illinois.

Artists have been selected for the SAQA Pennsylvania regional exhibition “Eye of the Needle”. The exhibition will be on view from October 27- November 30, 2018 at Bottle Works Arts Gallery in Johnston, Pennsylvania. Congrats to our members who will have work in the show.

Benefit Auction Update

Each year, we invite viewers to create their ideal collection curated from the beautiful Benefit Auction quilts created and donated by our generous and talented members. We ask, “In a perfect world, which artworks would you select for your very own?”

The Dream Collection featured here was curated by Deb Cashatt who states “I love the combination of blue and brown. In hot, smoky California it reminded me of cooler days ahead.” Read more on her blog.

Bidding for this year’s Benefit Auction starts September 14 – get your (virtual) bidding paddles ready!


Other News

SAQA wrapped up its Visionary Campaign which featured six SAQA members who give at the Visionary Level. Each artist shared their art and what inspired them to create and give back to SAQA. Learn more about Visionaries on our blog

SAQA Education Committee debuted a new webinar “Leap of Faith” featuring SAQA JAM Susan Else where she explores the boundaries of quilt making and what’s next for the art quilt. This video recording is available for members (login to mySAQA is required).


Upcoming Deadlines and Events for August

Thinking about applying to be a Juried Artist Member? The next application deadline is September 1, 2018.  You can find out more about the application process here

The SAQA Journal Member Gallery deadline is September 1, 2018. This magazine gallery will feature artists work centered on the theme Landgrab



As Always

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