SAQA Benefit Auction 2018

It is Benefit Auction Season at SAQA! Every year, hundreds of our members donate 12’’ x 12’’ quilts for the Benefit Auction. This year 443 members donated quilts. That’s a record!

We are deeply honored by the continuing support of our members.

THANK YOU. THANK YOU dear members for supporting SAQA in such a meaningful way. Your donations fuel our organization in many ongoing positive ways.

Last year’s generosity raised almost $65,000.

SAQA staff has finished the process of photographing, formatting, and uploading each and every one of the 443 quilts that will be available for bidding on this year. You can view all of the quilts on the website here.

This year, all of the images are also on Pinterest. If you are a Pinterest fan, this is an excellent way to view and collect your favorite images.

The 2018 SAQA Benefit Auction will take place from September 14 through October 7, 2018.

Here are the bidding details.

  • The online bidding form will be live on September 14 at 2pm EDT for Diamond Day bidding. All quilts will be available for $1000.
  • Starting September 17th at 2pm EDT, bidding starts at $750 for pieces in Section 1 – only pieces in the section listed will be available for bidding at this level. Each day thereafter, the price is reduced according to the chart below. This same process is repeated for Section 2 and Section 3
  • You can bid on up to 7 pieces at a time – the first bid on each piece wins.
  • Once the auction starts, any piece in an upcoming section can be purchased at the Buy It Now price of $1000.

For an even more comprehensive look at how the Benefit Auction works, please visit our website

23 percent of this year’s quilts are from first time donors, and 22 percent are from members outside the United States.

Twelve of the quilts are from artists who have donated to all 12 auctions.

40 percent of the quilts donated are from artists who have donated a quilt at least five times.

This year SAQA held a regional competition for the highest participation rate, which was determined by the number of donated pieces divided by the number of members. 

The results are:

Regions over 100 members
First place: Oceania
Second place: Texas

Regions under 100 members
First place: Nebraska
Second place: Alaska 

The selection of quilts showcased in this blog post all feature circles. As the auction nears, many SAQA members will be creating online Dream Collections—six-piece mini-exhibitions curated for themes that members develop.

We thank you for donating these amazing quilts, and we hope you will join in the fun of viewing, digitally collecting, bidding, and winning your own SAQA Benefit Auction quilts.

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