SAQA Volunteer of the Year Awards 2018

SAQA, as an organization, is eternally grateful for the volunteer work done by its members. From exhibitions to education volunteerism makes things happen.

Every year, SAQA solicits nominations from its membership for the annual Yvonne Porcella Volunteer of the Year Awards (VOY). There are two categories—Outstanding Non-Rep and Outstanding Rep/Co-Reps. You can read about all of the nominations in the latest SAQA Journal, now arriving in mailboxes for our members.

Nominees for Volunteer (non-Rep):

  • Nancy Turbitt, Massachusetts/Rhode Island
  • Linda Syverson Guild, Maryland/District of Columbia/West Virginia
  • Sandy Snowden, Europe/Middle East
  • Maya Schonenberger, Florida
  • Shoshi Rimer, Europe/Middle East
  • Elisabeth Nacenta de la Croix, Europe/Middle East
  • Jennifer Landau, Northern California/Northern Nevada
  • Betty Busby, New Mexico

Nominees for Outstanding Rep/Co-Rep:

  • Maggie Vanderweit, Central Canada
  • Christine Seager, Europe/Middle East
  • Ellen Lindner & Karol Kusmaul, Florida
  • Carol Kimble, Montana/Idaho
  • Karen Hansen & Mary Kay Fosnacht, Kansas/Missouri/Oklahoma
  • Julia Graber, Arkansas/Alabama/Louisiana/Mississippi
  • Susie Goodman & Lisa Dodson, Indiana
  • Sonja Campbell, Northern California/Northern Nevada

2018 Winners

This year’s Outstanding Non-Rep Award goes to Betty Busby. Betty serves SAQA as the regional exhibition mentor. She provides information, support, and advice on everything from a first foray into exhibitions to collaborations on joint exhibitions between regions.

Betty is also a practicing studio artist whose work can be seen in exhibitions around the world. She makes art in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Her latest work has moved off the wall and into the sculptural realm.

Vengence by Betty Busby

Betty had this to say about being recognized as a Volunteer of the Year, “For me, the greatest satisfaction I get from my SAQA membership is watching people grow in their art.”

This year’s Outstanding Rep Award goes to the Florida co-reps Karol Kusmaul and Ellen Lindner. These two co-reps have maintained a high level of activity in their region that includes exhibitions, retreats, workshops, Local Connection meetings and other events. They have developed and supported a wide network of volunteers. Read more about the Florida Region »

Karol Kusmaul  is a former art teacher who is known for her portrait and still life work. She also runs a long quilting business, and is the founder of Cloth in Common, an online quilt artist group.

Karol summed up the recognition perfectly by saying, “I was totally surprised to be selected as a SAQA volunteer of the year because there are so many other deserving Reps.  It is my pleasure to serve an excellent organization and the great and giving members we have in our region”.

Ellen Lindner is a traveling quilt teacher whose work celebrates the lush nature of her Florida surroundings. Ellen has won many awards with her quilts, has written two quilting books, and has had several magazine articles published. She considers experimentation to be absolutely necessary for her artistic growth.  When asked about receiving the award, Ellen replied,”I’m honored to receive this award. But, a lot of the success of the Florida region is due to our very helpful members. They are good about volunteering, which is critical, because there’s no way Karol and I could manage it all on our own. We have an awesome region!”


Thank you Betty Busby, Karol Kusmaul, and Ellen Lindner for volunteering your talents and time to SAQA!

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