Engaging People About Your Art

Installation, Ankenbauer Solo show Prague Patchwork

Installation, Ankenbauer Solo show Prague Patchwork

It happens all the time. I ask an artist about their approach to art, or about the inspiration for a specific piece and I get something like, “I prefer to let my art speak for itself.”

That always seemed like a misdirection to me and certainly a missed opportunity. We are the ones who understand the why’s and wherefores of our own art. When someone takes the time to actually look at our art work and wants more information, isn’t it our responsibility to provide an introduction that would hopefully fascinate and at least educate the viewer about our life’s work?

If we can engage someone who is already curious, we might convert them into a collector. Their first piece might just be yours.

ArtBusiness.com has an article that addresses exactly this issue. It’s a good read. It’s really interesting to look at your work from the perspective of the viewer. Take a look and let me know what you think. If you feel you need help with your presentation, SAQA has many resources available to assist you including the Mentorship Program.  Contact me  if you have any questions.

Cheryl Dineen Ferrin, SAQA Marketing Director

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