Mary Felder: Naturally Inspired

Mary-C-Felder-BA15TMary Felder shared her inspiration for her donation quilt with Clairan Ferrono:

Felder: “Silver Sea” was inspired by my love of the seas and the ocean.   We were unable to travel when I was a child, so I never saw the ocean till I was 16. I was mesmerized!  Much of my work centers around this theme.

I dye, paint, screen and manipulate fabric to create my own designs. I dyed and over dyed this piece of fabric.  Then I looked at it often and the idea came to me.  It reminded me of the silver water. The silver embellishments represent the treasures the sea protects.  I did not have a plan – I just started working and one thing led to another.

I am surrounded by my art pieces that remind me of the seas, and my shells that remind me of the awesome beauty found in nature.  I take lots of photos for inspiration.   A faded, crumpled flower can provide ideas for texture or for color themes.   live in south Louisiana, surrounded by nature’s sketchbook filled with blue bayous, rivers, elegant oak and cypress trees, brilliant wild flowers and a rainbow of birds!  Inspiration is overwhelming.

Mary Felder
Denham Springs, Louisiana, USA

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