Keeping Up with Carol Larson

Carol-Larson-BA15Carol Larson recently told Clairan Ferrono about her auction donation piece Keeping Up Appearances #8:

Larson: The series of Keeping Up Appearances tackles some of the thornier social issues of mid-20th century America, inspired by text from a 1954 book on etiquette. Imagine women chain smoking in offices, tipping 25 cents for good service, showing interest in a potential marriage partner or even considering giving boys names to girls.  Each piece incorporates heirloom linens upon which dye has been painted and text screen-printed. The text on Keeping Up Appearances #8 was screened onto a vintage embroidered hotel cotton towel. The 12″ square portion was chosen to highlight the embroidery as part of the design. The embellishing strips come from my ongoing fascination with the curved line which appears in most of my work.

Since completion of my Tall Girl Series in 2009 I have been drawn to narrative work. I have so much to say! I am currently engaged in a 3 year collaborative series with SAQA member Marion Coleman which continues my love of storytelling through fiber. Stay tuned!

Carol Larson
Petaluma, California, USA

The SAQA 2015 Benefit Auction begins Sept. 18th at 2 p.m. at See all the auction art works here.


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