Debo Hysack’s Urban Elements

Debo-Hysack-BA15Clairan caught up with Debo Hysack to speak with her about her auction donation art work “The Fire Escape”.

Hysack: After growing up in Northern Minnesota, I became fascinated with the pace, colors and complex textures of big cities like New York, Denver and Chicago.  I spent nearly 20 years traveling for work, and I would walk and explore as much as I could and now I can pay tribute to this rich, visual palette of my past.

While I admire and continue to collect many commercial fabrics, I prefer to paint, dye or marble my own.  Various sizes and shapes of stamps, bubble wrap and punchinella are used in my mono printing, and when it gets covered with paint it’s a great accent or starting place for new work as was the case with “The Fire Escape.”  The shape of this particular piece looked like a fire escape from small neighborhood apartment buildings in my memory.

I use narrow and wide catalyst paint wedges and many shaped hotel key cards to make the window structures and other hard-line edges in my painting work. Most of the time, I will mount sections of my work on black Pellon interfacing because it accepts lots of machine stitching.

In the last year I have included an urban element in all of my work.  If you asked me directly, I would have called myself a country girl, but now I also realize I pay tribute to the small urban vignettes we can see every day.

Debo Hysack
Omaha, Nebraska, USA

The SAQA 2015 Benefit Auction begins Sept. 18th at 2 p.m. at See all the auction art works here.


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