Ellen Bourassa is a Minimalist

Ellen-Bourassa-BA15Clairan Ferrono interviewed Ellen Bourassa about the inspirations behind her stunning auction donation Red Shadows.

Bourassa: The motivation behind Red Shadows was a commitment made with a quilting colleague at Fiberlandia for both of us to contribute a piece to the SAQA auction. In a word, pressure. The inspiration for the piece, however, was a view of garden trees silhouetted by red backlighting.  I imagined the red light as shadows cast by the dark trees and wanted to interpret it in a crisp simple image.

I started by drawing a full sized sketch as a guideline then cut and machine pieced hand-dyed pima cotton to create the image.  My aim was to distill the original vision into a minimal representation (for me, less is really more) by using only two colours and focusing on a linear depiction of tree and shadows with narrow pieced lines. The straight quilting adds echo and emphasis to the linear shapes.

I’m drawn to working with narrow lines as image frameworks. This piece is one exploration.   Study of line, the “continuous straight or curved extent of length”, guided my translation of shadows in this quilt.”

Ellen Bourassa
Saturna Island, British Columbia, CA

The SAQA 2015 Benefit Auction begins Sept. 18th at 2 p.m. at saqa.com. See all the auction art works here.


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