Susan Purney Mark Experiments

Susan-Purney-Mark-BA15Clairan Ferrono interviewed Susan Purney Mark about her auction donation work, Redante:

Redante was part of a SAQA-Western Canada “Best of the West” Show that traveled as part of a group to different parts of western Canada over the past two years. My focus at that time was to make two similar – but different – pieces of cloth, cut the pieces into quarters, and switch two of the quarters with each other. This gave me an opportunity to work with a variety of stitches and threads to unify the quarters together. It was a good learning experience working with new threads and dense stitching. The colours in Redante came from discharge paste, Decolourant Plus (coloured discharge paste) and some textile paints.

I enjoy donating to the SAQA Auction because it gives members an opportunity to showcase their work, try new ideas and help support a very worthwhile organization.

Susan Purney Mark
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

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