Alison Muir’s “Swamp”

Alison-Muir-BA15Alison Muir recently discussed her auction donation piece, Swamp, with Clairan Ferrono:

Muir: My work is always based on water, consequently, Swamp.
A friend was experimenting by printing images on cloth using a domestic printer and produced the background cloth. When it was accidentally splashed with water the print dissolved in spots and started to resemble an underwater image. I added heat set images of plankton (Copyright Dr Martina Doblin) and hand stitched the cloth using hand dyed silk thread. The stitching was designed to reinforce the concept of the underwater swamp. I also like to play with words and the concept of being swamped by the technique dissolving and the world around me was not lost at this time.
The material is silk front & back with iron on wadding (batting). The techniques are laser printing, water dissolve, heat set images, hand stitching and a machine stitched edge.

Alison Muir
Cremone, New South Wales, Australia

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