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Square 2

Square 2

Recently Diane Núñez talked to Clairan Ferrono about her auction donation piece:

Núñez: Do you remember playing with TinkerToys as a kid?  I do, they were one of my favorite toys to play with when we went to my grandparents’ house for Sunday dinners.  As a child, I always liked to assemble things, and TinkerToys satisfied that need.  They are the inspiration behind this year’s SAQA auction quilt and Cross Section, my entry into Quilt National 2015.

Square 2 is one of the maquettes (models) created for my Quilt National entry.  Before committing to working larger I experiment with various materials and methods to see what will work by creating smaller versions of a larger piece.  Each strip in this work is what I would consider a whole cloth mini quilt using batting and fabric that was either hand dyed, colored with ink or a combination of both.  Each strip is individually quilted and colored.  I looked at various color combinations and settled on something pleasing. Each quilt was then further embellished with tubing and colored thread.  All work and embellishments are machine stitched.

Metal eyelets are used along with metal tubing and grommets to hold each mini quilt in place.  TinkerToys are added to anchor everything. The natural color TinkerToy color did not seem right for the work so I ended up painting them black after trying to stain them with various media.

Each mini quilt is twisted onto the metal, giving the work movement.  Square 2 is somewhat self-supporting and can be displayed in various ways.  Try pinning onto the wall through each TinkerToy, use two (2) t-pins and suspend it either vertically or horizontally from one of the supporting aluminum, use one t-pin and hang it diagonally or use thread and suspend it from something to see the shadows it creates.  I am interested to hear if anyone finds another way to display it.

Diane Núñez
Southfield, Michigan, USA

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