Desiree Vaughn Works Spontaneously

Desiree-Vaughn-BA15TClairan Ferrono spoke to Desiree Vaughn about her 2015 Benefit Auction donation, Silken Treasure:

Vaughn: I knew I wanted to play with the silk cocoons that I had painted at one time and with some beautiful silk I had hand dyed ages ago but hadn’t done anything with.  I have a small stash of linen that I play with every now and again as well, and there was enough of the cream for this small quilt.

Once I had decided on the fabrics then I played with the design.  It needed another color, so I added the gold dupioni silk for some additional interest.  Now it was ready for the silk cocoons.  They seemed to tell me they needed little pearls to hold, so that is what they got!

I have ceased drawing things out ahead of time as the work never came through the way I had envisioned it, and it seemed stiff and stilted.  To me the work is more interesting when I work improvisationally and let the piece tell me what it wants.  I like to evoke a sense of calm in my work.

Desiree Vaughn
Traverse City, Michigan, USA

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