Sue Dennis Seduces

Sue-Dennis-BA15TAustralian artist, Sue Dennis talked to Clairan Ferrono about her auction quilt:

Dennis: The inspiration for my 2015 auction quilt came from the Seduced by the Imperfect series of quilts I had worked on in 2014 for the Golden Textures exhibition. The leaves eaten by insects and showing decay and imperfections captured my imagination, so I printed many varieties using the actual leaves and white Permaset Textile Ink on to a black background. Leaf It, my auction donation uses the last few pieces I had of the printed pieces.

Cutting around the leaf prints and leaving enough black to create a border, I machine appliqued with a zigzag, leaving a feathering of the stitches over the edge where possible. The green pattern on the orange background fabric is a bark print using Jacquard Lumiere. “Organic shuffle” is the name I use for the free motion zigzag stitching that completes the quilt.

Sue Dennis
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

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