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SAQA Trunk Show 

With 459 pieces submitted by our members, the 2017 Trunk Show certainly showcases the diverse talents of SAQA artists. Each trunk includes 57-58 art quilts individually mounted on a black 12 x 9 inch backing board, and sealed inside a clear envelope. Trunk Show index »

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Stephanye Schuyler Marie Welsch Angelia Peterson Jean	Sredl Frances	Phillips Monica Danielsson Bichsel Linda Filby-Fisher Susan Shie Sylvia Weir Roberta Willet Sonja Campbell Maggy Rozycki Hiltner Lois Wilby	Hooper Judith	Content Francie Mewett Jean	Mau Millie Cumming Paulette Cornish Ming-Mei	 Huang Huei-Lan	Chuang Jean	 Grimes Susan Bianchi Susan Walen Jo-Anne  Vandermey Lisa	Dodson Katherine Dossman Dori	Settles Mary	Gerken Cathy Perlmutter Tiziana Tateo Kathleen Hughes Heather Pregger Francyne	Willby Barbara Kibbe Alison Schwabe Gabriele DiTota Sandra Betts Marilyn Fries Alison Muir Barb Alexander Schlagbaum Marjorie DeQuincy Susan Rienzo