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Stephania Bommarito
18924 Patronella Ave
Torrance, CA2 90504-5817 US

I delight in helping fellow quilters to discover how creative they can be. Each one of my lectures and workshops provide opportunities to help them to develop their own abilities to design a quilt using shapes, color, quilting lines, and embellishments of all kinds. My themes include "Build a Background and Then?", "Playing with Squares and Rectangles", "A Bucket of Inspiration", and "Watercolor Waltzes".

I create quilts that are traditional, modern, or art works. I relish figuring out the many ways that three dimensional aspects can be included in a quilt. I have designed more than 36+ non-traditonal yo-yos to add visual interest to a quilt. I embellishing quilts with paints, stamps and stenciling, yarns, beads, fabric manipulation, or new mediums that can be heated, scrunched, or texturized. This enchanting process of working with fabrics and threads has fueled my passion to design.

Recently, I have discovered how delightful 4 x 4 or "16 patch" blocks can be. I have drafted at least four dozen variations of this block. New 16 patch block quilts with unique settings are now emerging from my studio.

My Bachelors Degree is in Art/Textile Design. I am a left over Hippie from the 60s- 70s when quilting was rediscovered. Suddenly my world became a non-stop discovery of all the possible ways that a person could play with fibers and fabics. My quilt journey began as a child learning all the traditional ways to quilt. When sewing machines and quilting machines came along, I masterd all the many new methods quilts could be made. Thus, I have become proficient at both hand and machine techniques.

I am a Sulky Certifed Teacher. Consequently, I have a whole fresh set of ways to use stabilizers in the quilting process.

My obsession to construct quilts has grown from traditonal techniques to using every conceivable strategy to construct fiber artworks. For the last forty years I have been able to share my love of quilting with everyone who wanted to learn in the quilting community.