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June 2014

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Nancy Cook's "Ground Fire Brings Light and Life" is part of Earth Stories at the Michigan State University Museum.


Martha Sielman head shot
Message from Martha Sielman, SAQA's Executive Director:


We're planning our family vacation to Cape Cod at the end of the month, and of course I'm thinking about which project to work on and what books to read.  So I'm thrilled to announce SAQA's Summer Reading Book Sale -- 10% OFF all titles! Discounted prices apply through June 30th. 

Stock up on some fun reading and viewing!

Kris Sazaki
Kris Sazaki *** Suzanne Jones *** Diane Nunez *** Cyndi Souder

Webinar on Wednesday:
From Deborah Boschert, Webinar Organizer --

I've been preparing for our upcoming Mentorship Webinar review of the 2014 SAQA Conference in Washington, DC. We had a great practice session last week.

Kris Sazaki has tons of pictures to share and lots of newsy, fun stories about the events at the conference. Plus, Susanne Jones is going to share with us her experience volunteering during the conference. Diane Nunez has been to several conferences and will talk about why she keeps coming back. Cyndi Souder is going to tell us about all the inspiration she gained at the conference. If you were not able to attend, this is a great opportunity to hear about some great SAQA events.

Remember that SAQA Mentorship Webinars have limited attendance. Your registration does not necessarily guarantee you an open spot at the time of the webinar. If the webinar is full or if you are unable to attend because the time does not fit your schedule, any SAQA member can listen to and watch the full webinar on the SAQA website within a few days of the event.  (Don't forget: members can view our webinars anytime!)

SAQA Mentorship Webinar: 2014 Conference
Wednesday, June 4 at 11:30 am ET
Registration Link:


Request from Sandra Sider --

For my keynote lecture in May at the SAQA regional Studio to Gallery conference in Melbourne, Florida, I am looking for SAQA members who have had success in selling quilt art in a gallery.  Please contact me for a possible interview. I would like to share your experiences and a few images of sold works with the conference attendees.  Please email me by September at

Featured Artist:  Jennifer Conrad
Contact SAQA:
Martha Sielman, Executive Director:
Talk to the Board:  
General question:   
Membership question: 

DeadlinesDeadlines & Dates

SAQA Journal Gallery section: Grief/Sorrow/Loss -- Deadline is August 1, 2014

Food for Thought -- Deadline for Entry is September 30, 2014

SAQA Journal Gallery section: Joy/Happiness -- Deadline is November 1, 2014

Wild Fabrications -- Deadline for Entry is January 31, 2015

Concrete and Grasslands -- Deadline for Entry is September 30, 2015



June 20-22, 2014 - Text Mesages and Metaphors on Aging at the International Quilt Festival in Chicago, Illinois  



May 11 - November 30, 2014 - Earth Stories at Michigan State University Museum, East Lansing, Michigan


May 19 - September 19, 2014 - Color Wheel of Emotions at Michigan State University LookOut! Art Gallery, East Lansing, Michigan


August 20 - 23, 2014 - Masters 2 at AQS Quilt Show, Grand Rapids, Michigan



September 19 - 20, 2014 - Text Messages at Round Bobbin Quilting, Sewing, and Fiber Art Expo, St. Charles, Missouri


North Carolina
June 26-28, 2014 - Deux at Original Sewing and Quilting Expo, Raleigh, North Carolina

July 30 - August 2, 2014 - Masters 2 at AQS Quilt Show, Charlotte, North Carolina

June 12-14, 2014 - Seasonal Palette at The Original Creative Festival, Cincinnati, Ohio 
September 10-13, 2014 - Masters 2 at AQS Quilt Show, Chattanooga, Tennessee   





WELCOME to our newest regional representatives:  Eileen Williams (North Carolina), Linda Laird (Colorado), and Shea Wilkinson (Nebraska).


BIG THANK YOU to retiring representatives:  Jennifer Schultz (Minnesota), Paula Brown (South Carolina), and Claire Manning (California). 


Welcome to all our new members who joined in May:
Jennifer Ayotte, Khurshid Bamboat, Marcia Baraldi, Kathleen Barrett, Sharon Carvalho, Wilma Cawley, Maryte Collard, Lorraine Conway, Yona Dansky, Carol Dickson, DonnaJean Downer, Brenda Esslinger, Kerry Faraone, Laura Fogg, Stefanie Foster, Jane Frenke, Ruth Garrison, Kathleen Genz, Michelle Gibson, Valery Guignon, Christine Holden, Vicki Jensen, Jane King, Coulter Linda, L. Jodell McLemore, Amy Meissner, Sara Mika, Cathi Nelson, Carol Newman, Jean Overmeyer, Cathy Perlmutter, M. B. Perry, Kathryn Pflaum, Hilary Richardson, Michele G. Samter, Michele Sanandajian, Mary Schilke, Merrie Jo Schroeder, Ann Schubert Turner, Stacey Sharman, Ruth Sharp, Christine Smith, Aneta Sperber, Ann Steck, Faye Stiehm, Barbara Tobin, Martina Unterharnscheidt, Susan Vassallo, Cherry Vernon-Harcourt, Rochelle Wiese, and Luca Zagliani.
THANK YOU to everyone who made donations to SAQA in May:
B.J. Adams, Susan Allison-Hatch, Deborah Anderson, Lori Beitler, Margaret Blank, Jennifer Bowker, Deborah Brenner, Eliza Brewster, Pamela Christner, Sheryl Culver, Nancy Davenport, Jennifer Day, Noriko Endo, Nancy Erickson, Cindy Grisdela Art Quilts, Clairan Ferrono, Georgia French, Gateway Canyons, Jayne Gaskins, Carole Harris, Peggie Hartwell-Hackmer, Gilda Hecht, Yvette Howard, Ruth Ingham, Susan Jackan, Dana Jones, Barbara Khachane, Harue Konishi, Kristin La Flamme, Patricia Malarcher, Nancy Monroe, Jeannie Moore, Pamela Morris, Gillian Moss, , Bonnie Ouellette, Patricia Owoc, Mary Pal, Bill Reker, Lise Schioler, Norma Schlager, Maria Shell, Martha Sielman, Jenny St. Martin, Leah Sullivan, Anne Walker, Patricia Walters, Mayann Weinberg, Marianne Williamson, Hope Wilmarth, Martha Wolfe, Chris Worland, and Diane Wright. 

VolunteerVolunteer Opportunities
We are looking for help to staff the booth at the International Quilt Festival - Chicago, June 19-21, 2014 at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center, Rosemont, Illinois.
SAQA's Metaphors on Aging and Text Messages exhibitions will be on display. There is complimentary admission for those who can volunteer 3 or more hours.
If you would like to help out, please email Laura at as soon as possible. 
North Carolina 
We are looking for help to staff the SAQA booth during the Original Sewing & Quilt Expo, June 26-28, 2014 at the Raleigh Convention Center.  It's great fun seeing old friends, meeting new ones, and talking about SAQA and art quilts.  SAQA's Deux exhibition will be on display. There is complimentary admission for those who can volunteer 3 or more hours.

If you want to help, please email Cindy Pryor at as soon as possible.

Birmingham, UK

You're invited to the SAQA Meet and Greet at the Festival of Quilts, Birmingham, UK.  The meet and greet will take place as usual on the Friday of the show (8th August 2014), from 3 to 5 pm, but please note a CHANGE OF VENUE:  the new venue is the Organisers' Office in Hall 9 of the exhibition.  

Please help with the SAQA stand for the Festival of Quilts - 7th to 10th August 2014. I hope you will be able to come to the show in Birmingham, England.

If you are able to help, can you please let me know what day you would prefer and what time would suit you?
AuctionDEADLINE for receipt of donations
EXTENDED to June 16th
2014 Benefit Auction Call for Entries


Mark your Calendars:
Bidding for the 2014 Benefit Auction will begin on Monday, September 15, 2014 at 2:00 Eastern.


25th Anniversary Trunk Show

The trunk shows have started traveling!  It was so incredible to see all the pieces together at the conference.   Trunk G will be traveling throughout Australia:
Suzanne Mouton Riggio - The White Hat   ***   Ivy Jensen - Jewel Tones   ***   Julia Graber - Sailboat IV

If your area would like to borrow a trunk show, please contact your regional representative to make arrangements.

Trunk Show Schedule:

Trunk A
South Carolina and Georgia, through October 2014
Massachusetts and Rhode Island, November 2014 - January 2015

Trunk B
Illinois and Wisconsin, through August 2014
Alabama/Arkansas/Mississippi/Louisiana, September - November 2014

Trunk C
Connecticut, through January 4, 2015

Trunk D
Burke Arts Council, Morganton, North Carolina, August 4 - October 1, 2014
Florida - October - December 2014

Trunk E
Curitiba, Brazil, August 27 - 30, 2014
Virginia and North Carolina, October - November 2014
Colorado, Wyoming, and Utah, December 2014 - February 2015

Trunk F
Western Canada, through April 2015

Trunk G
Australia, through April 2015

Trunk H
Oregon, August 2014

New Virtual Exhibit on SAQA Website

Sue Holdaway-Heys - "Wishmakers"

This month's guest curator, Linda T. Cooper, has selected  Bloomers

I love flowers! These days it's easier for me to garden with fabric.   Enjoy the flowers around you and the wonderful creations of these quilt artists.

List of selected artists: 
Sharon M W Bass
Alice Beasley
Christi Beckmann
Melani Brewer
Melinda Bula
Paula Chung
Michele Clares-Pastoret
Lenore Crawford
Eileen Doughty
Ellen Anne Eddy
Noriko Endo
Barb Forrister
Sue Holdaway-Heys
Hsin-Chen Lin
Ellen Lindner
Elsbeth Nusser-Lampe
Maya Schonenberger
Priscilla Stultz
Judith Trager
Terry Waldron
If you would like to volunteer to be a Virtual Gallery curator, please contact Jennifer Solon.

ExhibitsCallforEntry SAQA Exhibition News:  Calls for Entries
**NOTE: SAQA exhibitions are open to ALL members, unless there is a geographical restriction

Additional information about these SAQA Calls for Entry can now be accessed directly from 

Food for Thought

Premiere venues: 
National Quilt Museum, Paducah, Kentucky 
Festival of Quilts, Birmingham, England 
Additional venues to be added.

Exhibition Concept:
We eat every day, but how often do we really think about the food we eat?  Every culture has its celebrations, family meals, traditions that involve food.  Although these vary in different parts of the world, the impact of food is unmistakable.  Food nourishes and fuels our bodies; food traditions nurture our souls.

So, what inspires you about food?  
This exhibition will allow artists to explore any aspects of food that they find inspirational - from a single piece of fruit, to a still life, to the family table, to the significance of food in culture and the celebration of family milestones and religious holidays.  Artists may portray how and where food is grown and harvested; how it is sold or distributed, prepared or consumed; where it is abundant and where it is scarce.

SAQA intends to  choose approximately 30 pieces for the exhibition.

Juror: Alex Veronelli
Managing Curator: Sarah Ann Smith

Call for Entry opens online: September 1, 2014
Call for Entry deadline: September 30, 2014
Full information:

Wild Fabrications 

Premiere Venues:
International Quilt Festival, Houston, Texas
International Quilt Festival, Chicago, Illinois
Quilt! Knit! Stitch!, Portland, Oregon

Exhibition Concept:

Wild Fabrications celebrates a world of animals both real and fantastical.  Let your imagination run wild as you create interesting and unusual interpretations of animals using unexpected or unconventional materials and adornment, and/or unusual techniques.   


We are looking for whimsical and creative depictions of animals.  Your animals may be common or capricious; odd or ordinary; live or imagined.  The key to this call is to have fun!


Embrace the double meaning of "fabrications", which refers both to our medium and to the fact that the animals do not have to be real.  Artists should think outside the box and create works that push their limits.  Both abstract and representational work is sought.



Juror: Geoffrey Gorman
Managing Curator: Jennifer Day

Online Entry: January 2015
Full information:
Concrete and Grasslands

Premiere Venue:
Grant's Pass Museum of Art, Grant's Pass, Oregon -- June 1-July 29, 2016
Exhibition Concept:
Concrete and Grasslands will explore the juxtaposition of the natural landscape and the human constructed cityscape.  This call for entry asks artists to submit works that explore either the soft lines of nature or the hard lines of urban structures -- or a combination of both.  This exhibit will focus on the contrasts of both color and line, and the ways in which the natural world has been altered.

Artists are invited to submit work that focuses either on a cityscape or landscape, rural or urban, or a combination in one piece.   The work may be representational or abstract; the places represented may be real or imagined.

Juror:  Susan Eileen Burnes, Curator of Exhibitions, Grant's Pass Museum of Art
Managing Curator: Leni Levenson Wiener

Online Entry: September 2015
Full information:

 Exhibits SAQA Exhibition News: 
Current All-SAQA Exhibitions


This is a listing of SAQA exhibition travel plans. The artists for these exhibitions have already been chosen.
Exhibitions are listed alphabetically

Exhibition Name: Celebrating Silver 
As part of SAQA's 25th Anniversary, we will be Celebrating Silver.  Silver is indispensable. From industrial use to decoration, technology, photography and medicine, its unique properties of strength, malleability, reflectivity and conductivity make it an irreplaceable force in the global market. In addition to its physical properties silver is recognized as a symbol of love, insurance and commitment for twenty-five years.
Juror: Yvonne Porcella 
Managing Curator: Nancy Bavor
Travel Venues:
1. International Quilt Festival
Houston, Texas
October 30 - November 2, 2014  

2. International Quilt Festival 
Chicago, Illinois 
June 2015 

3. Quilt! Knit! Stitch!
Portland, Oregon
August 2015 

Color Wheel of Emotions cover
Exhibition Name: Color Wheel of Emotions
How do colors reflect our emotions? Have you ever seen red, felt blue or been green with envy? The range of color used in this exhibition conveys a sense of emotion or feeling expressed by the artists. 
Catalog publication was made possible through the generosity of Teri Springer in memory of Lutgard Gerber-Billiau.  Terry Waldron edited the catalog; Bobbi Baugh was the graphic designer.
Carol Eaton has posted interviews with several of the artists on a Color Wheel of Emotions Facebook page she developed. 

Juror: Terry Waldron 
Managing Curator: Carol Eaton

Travel Venues:  8.  LookOut! Art Gallery  
May 19 - September 19, 2014 
Michigan State University
Snyder Hall
362 Bogue Street
East Lansing, MI 48825

Artists exhibit two works that best represent their body of work and which relate to one another in some way.  Catalog publication was made possible through the generosity of SAQA's members.
Juror: Katie Pasquini Masopust
Managing Curator: Kim LaPolla

Travel Venues - United States:

Original Sewing and Quilt Expo circuit:

14. Raleigh, North Carolina
June 26-28, 2014 
15. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
August 14-16, 2014


Exhibition Name: Earth Stories  
Exhibition Concept:
There are many stories of hope across the globe. Both individuals and small groups are working on projects that when added together make a positive impact on increasing the quality of life on this planet. Earth Stories will celebrate the stories of people or projects that enhance the planet, make a significant difference in restoring and/or protecting the environment, increase sustainability and otherwise improve the earth we all occupy.  

25 artists from around the world will be chosen to interpret a "story" of their choice. Each artist will feature a project or person of their choice; the views presented by the artist do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of SAQA or MSU, neither of which endorses any person, project or organization. 

Juror: Dr. Carolyn Mazloomi
Managing curator: Leni Levenson Wiener
Travel Venues:
1. Michigan State University Museum
Lansing, Michigan
May 11- November 30, 2014

2. NEW!
University of Central Missouri Gallery of Art & Design 
Warrensburg, Missouri
January 19 - February 28, 2015

Masters: Art Quilts, Volume 2 cover
Exhibit Name: Masters 2
An invitational exhibit of one work each by 37 of the artists featured in the new book  Masters: Art Quilts, Volume 2 by Martha Sielman (Lark, August 2011).  The book is now available in the SAQA Bookstore  - our copies were donated to SAQA by Lark, so the complete purchase price goes to support SAQA.
This exhibition is made possible through the generosity of Lark Crafts, AURIfil Threads, and the American Quilter's Society.

Managing Curator: Marjorie DeQuincy (

Travel Venues to date: 
10. Charlotte, NC
July 30-Aug 2, 2014

11. Grand Rapids, MI
August 20-23, 2014

12. Chattanooga, TN
September 10-13, 2014

13. Des Moines, IA
October 1-4, 2014

Exhibition Name: Metaphors on Aging
There are a rare few of us who have not been affected in some way by the changes that occur with aging, be it ourselves, or the aging of our parents, loved ones or even our children. Here you have the opportunity to explore any of these passages that have touched your own life. Subjects can include aging, illness, death, the growth of our children, or the passage of time in general.
Catalog publication was made possible through the generosity of SAQA's members.

Juror: Pamela Allen 
Managing curator: Mary McBride (

Travel venues to date: 
3. International Quilt Festival - Chicago
Chicago, Illinois
June 19-21, 2014

4. Quilt! Knit! Stitch!
Portland, Oregon
August 14-16, 2014

5.  Fons & Porter Love of Quilting Expo
Atlanta, Georgia
September 11-13, 2014

6.  Original Sewing & Quilting Expo
Fredericksburg, Virginia
October 2-4, 2014

Overland Park, Kansas
October 9-11, 2014

Fort Worth, Texas
October 16-18, 2014

Tinley Park, Illinois
November 20-22, 2014


Lakeland, Florida
March 5-7, 2015


Atlanta, Georgia
March 12-14, 2015


Cleveland, Ohio
March 26-28, 2015


Schaumburg, Illinois
April 9-11, 2015


Worcester, Massachusetts
April 16-18, 2015


Raleigh, North Carolina
June 15-17, 2015


Exhibition Name: People and Portraits 
This exhibition celebrates the expressiveness of the human face. The diverse designs focus on a variety of both emotional states and the ways in which people interact: contemplation, joy, community, work and play.  Based on the companion book, Art Quilt Portfolio: People and Portraits, the exhibition shows two works by each of the book's 20 Featured Artists.
This exhibition is made possible through the generosity of AQS, Lark Crafts, and the National Quilt Museum.
Invitational curator: Martha Sielman 
Managing curator: Pat Kumicich 
Travel Venues:


3. Festival of Quilts
Birmingham, U.K. 
August 7-10, 2014 

**Martha Sielman will be giving a lecture at Festival of Quilts on Friday, August 8, 2014.

Exhibition Name: Radical Elements 
Our physical world is created out of the chemical elements, from hydrogen to platinum to arsenic. For this exhibit, each of the selected artists will create a new work that is influenced by an element from the periodic table. Inspirations can come from anything relating to that element, whether it is a play on the name, its color or the products made from it. Both representational and abstract works are welcomed.

As the second part of the Radical Elements theme, the artists will also be asked to move quilting beyond the usual materials of fabric and thread, exploring the function and decorative properties of different surfaces and stitching materials. This exhibit is the first to embrace the newly expanded definition of an art quilt and will be a signature exhibition for SAQA.  

2. TBD

Exhibition Name: Seasonal Palette 
 American Quilter's Society and Cedar Canyon Textiles are sponsors for this exhibition.  Lynne Harpst Koen sponsored the catalog.

Seasonal Palette
is a series of 37 art quilts depicting the seasons of the year.
Co-curators and Jurors: Vicki Mangum and Kathleen McCabe   

Travel Venues:

5. NEW! 
The Original Creative Festival
Cincinnati, Ohio
June 12 - 14, 2014
6.  Festival Internacional de Patchwork e Arts Afins
Curitiba, Brazil
 August 27 - 30, 2014
7. NEW!
New England Quilt Museum
Lowell, Massachusetts
April 5 - July 6, 2015
8. NEW!
Carrefour Europeen du Patchwork
Alsace, France
September 16 - 19, 2015
9. NEW!
Vincenza Festival
Vinceza, Italy
October 2015
10. NEW!
Taiwan International Quilt Exhibition 2016
Tainan City, Taiwan
April 20 - May 29, 2016

  Text Messages catalog  

Exhibition Name: Text Messages 
Text messages have fast become one of the most popular methods of communication in our country today. In this exhibit, you have free rein to explore the many facets of what 'text messages' means to you--from the obvious connection to modern technology to works comprised solely of actual or implied writing. The unifying theme will be text on quilts, in any language, and each quilt must contain at least one visible letter or word.
The catalog for the exhibition was made possible through the generosity of SAQA's members. 
Juror: Lesley Riley 
Managing curator: Georgianne (Gigi) Kandler 
Travel Venues: 
2. International Quilt Festival - Chicago
Chicago, Illinois
June 19-21, 2014

3. Quilt! Knit! Stitch!
Portland, Oregon
August 14-16, 2014
4. NEW!
Round Bobbin Quilting, Sewing, and Fiber Art Expo
St. Charles, Missouri
September 19-20, 2014
Upcoming Regional Exhibitions
(Listed chronologically by opening dates - contact the regional reps for more information)

Full information about these exhibitions and the venues at which they can be seen is on the website under Artwork > SAQA Exhibitions > Regional.

New Mexico - Color Runs Through It
February 14-July 1, 2014 


Florida/Virginia/North Carolina/South Carolina/Georgia/Kentucky/Tennessee/Mississippi/Louisiana/Alabama/Arkansas - Southern Accents
May 16 - August 22, 2015
Texas -- A Texas Experience
January 1-December 31, 2014

Oregon -- Exploring Layers
February 15, 2014 - June 2014
Virginia -- Living with Art:  Real Art for Real People
March 13 - June 30, 2014

New Mexico -- Beyond Tradition 
April - July 2014

New Mexico -- Walk in the Wild
April - July 2014

Michigan -- Mapping Memories  
May 5 - September 20, 2014
  Northern California/Nevada -- Quilt Regional 2014
May 6 - July 16, 2014    

Western Canada -- Meet the Best of the West
May 16 - July 2014
Maine/New Hampshire/Vermont/Massachusetts/Rhode Island/Connecticut -- I ♥ New England
August 14 - 17, 2014

Europe & Middle East -- Wide Horizons IV 
September 18-21, 2014
Florida -- Piecing Together a Changing Planet
December 5, 2014 - March 1, 2015

New Mexico -- Cultural Red
April 8 - August 16, 2015

YahooList SAQA Groups
Yahoo Discussion Group 
As a member of Studio Art Quilt Association, you are invited to join an email discussion group hosted on This group is only for SAQA members, and is private to the outside world. You can join by requesting membership at:
.  PLEASE include your full name in your request. 

The Visioning Project revolves around visualizing goals and dreams - and making them happen. The Visioning Project members are wonderful in helping each other with support, networking, and resource information. If you are interested in joining, please contact Judy Warner. 

The SAQArtique group is open to all SAQA members.  The critiques are all in the spirit of a shared interest in quilting as an art form and improvement of each person's talents.  If you are interested in joining, please contact Martha Ginn.

Journal Journals

If you would prefer to ONLY read the Journal online, you can indicate your preference by checking off the Online Journal Only box in your Member Profile. 

Upcoming Journal Gallery Page Themes and Deadlines: 
  • Grief/Sorrow/Loss - August 1, 2014
  • Joy/Happiness - November 1, 2014
  • Creatures - February 1, 2015
  • Health and Wholeness - May 1, 2015 
We can accept digital photos only. Images will be chosen on the basis of artistic merit as well as photo quality. To improve your chances of being selected, send only your best photos and use the same considerations you would for entering a juried show, which means sharp focus, even lighting, no extraneous hands or feet or garage doors showing in the photo, etc.
All edges of the quilt must be visible; do not crop into the edges of the quilt.
Send a digital image with a resolution of no less than 1800 pixels on the longest side, in jpeg format. Label the file with your last name followed by partial title (example: smith_dreamingtrees.jpg). In the body of the e-mail, Include caption information consisting of your name, size in inches, year created, your web site URL (if applicable), and a very brief statement describing something interesting about the work, perhaps your inspiration or your process. Send your images to (This address will be used ONLY for the image gallery.)
NOTE: due to the large number of submissions received, an individual response to each submission is not possible.
Call for Entries:

Taiwan International Quilt Exhibition 2016 Prospectus  
Taiwan Art Quilt Society (TAQS) organizes artistic and educational international art quilt exhibitions. We focus on global issues and highlight the creation of quilting, which are not only the interpretation of techniques but also the contemporary artistic merit of environmental care and the spirit of humanities.

Theme: Protect the Earth's Environment
Venue: National Tainan Living Art Center, Tainan City, Taiwan
Date: April 30 - May 29, 2016
DEADLINE for Entries: November 1, 2015 (NOTE: This is 17 months from now.)

Call for Consideration: 

Martha Sielman is writing Art Quilt Inspirations: Abstracts & Geometrics to be published by Interweave in 2016. The book will include interviews with 20 Featured Artists showing multiple works by each.  Approximately 70 additional artists will have their work showcased in the book's gallery sections.

Preliminary submission will be via email. Send to

  • your name
  • address
  • phone number
  • email address
  • website URL
  • titles of your submission(s)

Attach jpegs of up to 3 images of your art. Images should be jpegs only, not larger than 1200 pixels in any dimension.  Please label each image file with last name_first name_title (e.g. Sielman_Martha_Abstract 1). 

DEADLINE is October 31, 2014.


--Martha Sielman (
Executive Director
Studio Art Quilt Associates, Inc.

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