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One of the many benefits of membership is being eligible to enter SAQA exhibitions that travel all over the world. Our variety of shows--from the trunk show, regional exhibitions, quilt venues and art venues--is designed to satisfy the needs of members at all levels of career development. Not a member yet? Join Us » 

SAQA Calls for Entry (Global - open to all members) 

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Opposites Attract (SAQA Global - All members)More Info
Australasian Quilt Convention - April 2020

Opposing forces shape our reality in ways which are both readily apparent as well as hidden. Artwork included in this exhibit will explore a contradiction or an affinity, Yin and Yang, the irresistible force versus the immovable object and other "opposites."

* closed for jurying


Ebb & Flow (SAQA Global - ALL members) More Info
Quilt Festival Houston - October 2020

Many things in life and history demonstrate a recurring pattern of cycles and change, of growth and decline. From movements in history to the phases of our lives, the seasons, the position of the stars and planets, conversations, even the progression of a piece of music or literature, artists are invited to explore Ebb and Flow in a two-dimensional artwork.


Beyond the Mirror (SAQA Global - ALL members)More Info
Quilt Festival Houston - October 2020

In this digital age, we cannot escape our own images, whether taken as a selfie or found on social media. Does our image reflect our individual identity or do we see what we are conditioned by society to see? We need to look beyond the mirror to see our strength of character, intelligence, creativity, skills and our potential to be even more than what can be reflected.


SAQA Juried Artist MembershipMore Info
Reviews are held bi-monthly
Nov 1, 2019
SAQA Journal Member Gallery More Info
Each issue includes two pages of member artwork - themes rotate quarterly
Dec 1, 2019


SAQA Calls for Entry (Regional)

For more information about regional exhibits, contact your regional representative.

A Story I Love: MT/ID Regional Trunk ShowcaseMore Info
Montana/Idaho Members
September 12, 2019
A Thread Runs Through ItMore Info
GA and SC members
October 1, 2019
JAM Session (SAQA Regional)More Info
GA/SC members
November 1, 2019
Working with the Muse (SAQA Regional)More Info
DC/MD/WV members
December 1, 2019
Visionary (SAQA Regional)More Info
ME/NH/VT, MA/RI, CT, NY members
December 31, 2019
Colour with a U (SAQA Regional)More Info
All Canadian members
January 3, 2020
Local Color: Rails, Roads & Rivers (SAQA Regional)More Info
Connecticut members
February 20 2020
Habitat (SAQA Regional)More Info
Oregon members
February 29, 2020
Textiles in Translation (SAQA Regional)More Info
PA members
February 29, 2020
Circles and Cycles (SAQA Regional)More Info
IN, MI, OH members 
April 17, 2020
A Sense of Place: Texas Landscape Art Quilts (SAQA Regional)More Info
Texas members
May 31, 2020
Edges (SAQA Regional)More Info
MA/ RI members
July 21, 2020

If you have questions or comments about SAQA exhibitions, please contact ExhibitCoord@saqa.com. For questions about shipping, contact shipping@saqa.com.