Join us at Quilt Festival Houston!


Going to Quilt Festival Houston? So is SAQA!

11:00 AM  -  Gallery Walk (Metamorphosis)
2:00 PM  -  Gallery Walk (Dusk to Dawn)
3:00 PM – Book signing with Martha Sielman (Art Quilts Unfolding)
4:00 PM - SAQA Visionaries Reception *
5:00 PM - SAQA Member Reception *

11:00 AM  - Gallery Walk (Dusk to Dawn)
2:00 PM  -  Gallery Walk (Metamorphosis)
4:00 PM - Meet the Teacher (Lisa Walton)

You are invited to come and celebrate with us at a SAQA Reception at Quilt Festival Houston! This will be a great opportunity for SAQA members from across the globe to meet with each other, SAQA board members, and SAQA staff.

Bring a friend - you don't have to be a SAQA member to attend!

We are looking for volunteers to assist at the SAQA Booth at Quilt Festival Houston - it's super FUN and you get to hang out with other fabulous SAQA members!

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Booth duties will include signing up new members, selling SAQA publications and auction quilts, and promoting the two new SAQA exhibitions (Dusk to Dawn and Metamorphosis)

Houston Booth Comp


SAQA will be at Quilt Market too. Stop by at Booth 911 and get a peek at the brand new Art Quilts Unfolding book - it's hot off the press!