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2020 Conference - Lightning Talks 


2020 Presenters will include:

Christine Hager-Braun   
The Alchemy of Resilience - from Personal Growth to Artistic Voice   
In this presentation Christine will share how her personal growth influenced her creative process, how it led to authenticity in her life and became the foundation for her artistic voice. She will also offer ideas to help you gain more clarity for developing YOUR artistic voice.

Jenny K. Lyon   
The Quiet Beauty of the Imperfect   
Jenny K believes there is beauty in imperfection. Learn how imperfection is the fuel of our future creativity.

Maggy Rozycki Hiltner   
Every Stitch Counts/Count Every Stitch   
Acknowledging that wonderful works of art are being made with the aid of machines and technology, Maggy's talk will take a little time to celebrate the slow stitch. Hand-stitchery, both found and of the artist, will be shown, and the evocative nature of the hand-stitch and its implications will be explored.

Regina Marzlin
The “Dress (de) Code” Project – Empowering Young Women through Textile Art   
Regina will share her experience leading a youth art project that gave teenaged girls the opportunity to express themselves through fabric, paint and thread. The focus was on dress codes, body image, peer pressure and expectations around clothing that young women deal with in our society. The culmination of the project was a month-long public exhibition of the created textile artworks. The energy, perseverance and enthusiasm of the participants was very uplifting and the results speak for themselves.

Mita Giacomini   
Surface Weaving   
Mita’s artwork features her original technique of “surface weaving,” which creates richly textured surfaces with myriad color interactions. In this talk she will explain the surface weaving method and offer some reflections on the unique power of fibre as a medium for making images.

Sue Sherman   
Sue loves penguins – in the wild as well as on the wall in her quilt art.  Learn about different penguin species (from “little blue” to “king”) and techniques for bringing them to life in fibre.

Nancy Turbitt   
Hanging by a Thread: Using Art to Advocate   
Often artists will work a series to explore artistic development or expression. However, in this case, Nancy will be talking instead about how an artist finds their way through birthing a series that has a sense of advocacy. The narrative of the creation of her 'Habitat' series as well as how she plans to use her art to invite positive change is the focal point of her talk.

Gunnel Hag   
Extraordinary Prints from Ordinary Objects   
Gunnel prints all the fabrics for her quilts, and loves using ordinary objects to create patterns. From her collection of 30 plus different potato mashers she creates an infinite variety of patterns and textures. What happens when the soles of her winter boots, a golf ball, hair curlers, irons or credit cards come into contact with fabric pigments? These everyday objects all become the basis for colourful fabrics! In fact no textured thing is safe from experimenting!



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We have a great Webinar in our archives with presenters from the Philadelphia conference. You’ll hear about everything from travel inspiration, vintage linens, creative kids, pattern making and self confidence. Participants include SAQA members Amy Meissner, Cindy Friedman, Diane Melms, Carole Staples, Jill Kerttula, Geri Patterson-Kutras and Jan Tetzlaff. 

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