Mentorship Webinar Recordings 

These recordings were made in various formats over a period of years.  Some are audio only, while others play in both audio and video. Most are approximately 60 minutes long. The files are very large and may take several minutes to download. SAQA has made these available to the best of our ability; make sure your media player software is up-to-date on your computer. 

Webinar Recordings

 International Artists Panel
Three international SAQA members share their art quilts and discuss how their creative lives are influenced by the places they live. Alicia Merrett was born and raised in Argentina and lives in the United Kingdom. Barbara Lange and Uta Lenk live in Germany. This webinar is an outstanding opportunity to learn about some of SAQA’s international members and be inspired by these talented art quilters.

WMV VersionMOV Format

Barbara LangeAlicia MerrettUta Lenk


learn more about the trade only design library
Want to get your artwork seen by thousands of interior designers, architects, hospitality and hospital buyers? Find out how in this webinar hosted by SAQA Marketing Director Cheryl Dineen Ferrin (note: the first part is Audio only and has no screen displayed). More Info »


WMV VersionMOV Format

Cheryl Dineen Ferrin

Cheryl Dineen

Maximizing Your SAQA Membership in 5 Easy Steps
This webinar is packed with information about all SAQA has to offer including connecting with other members, professional resources, career development and marketing. More Info »


WMV VersionMOV Format

Dianne Wright

Diane Wright

Denise Oyama Miller

Denise Oyama

Martha Sielman

Martha Sielman

Jennifer Solon

Jennifer Solon

Annual SAQA Conference - Washington DC 2014
Highlights from workshops, exhibits, panel discussion and other events. SAQA members Cyndi Souder, Diane Nunez and Susanne Jones also share their conference experiences and inspiration from the event.

MOV Format

Kris Sazaki

Kris Sazaki

Cyndi Souder

Cyndi Souder

Diane Nunez

Diane Nunez

Suzanne Jones

Suzanne Jones

Selling Art Quilts
with Wen Redmond, Roxane Lessa and Frieda Anderson

WMV VersionMOV Format

Wen RedmondRoxane LessaFrieda Anderson

2013 Webinar Recordings

Hosting a Regional Exhibition
with Betty Busby, Kate Themel and Deb Cashatt

Membership Updates, and Introducing Our New Website (.mov format)
with Lisa Ellis and Jen Solon

The Jurying Process
with Leni Wiener

Exploring SAQA's Art Quilt Definition
with Linda Colsh and Kris Sazaki

2012 Webinar Recording

Cara Gulati:
Organizing Your Workdays: Getting it all done and meeting deadlines without losing your mind!

2010 Recordings

Dr. Monica Dixon: 10 Steps to Take When Your Get Up and Go Has Got Up and Went

Gregory Case: Professionally Photographing Your Quilts): Instructional Case Study

Lisa Chipetine: Mind Mapping - The Visual Way to Plan

Melanie Testa: Blogging 101

Lisa Chipetine: Social Media (The Big Four): Facebook, YouTube, Linked In and Twitter

Anna Hergert: Teaching on the Circuit (lessons learned)

Pamela Diamond: Tax Considerations for the Artist

Cindy Friedman: Developing an International Exhibition

Pat Pauly: Exhibition Design and Installation in a Gallery Setting:

2009 Recordings

Penny McMorris: Creating an Effective Portfolio

Hollis Chatelain: Case Study of a Dream: Venturing into the Unknown

Jeremy Epstein: How to use Social Media (Facebook/Twitter etc) to promote you and your business

Gregory Case: Preparing Your Images for Juried Shows

Jeanne Williamson: Creating on Demand

Lisa Chipetine:Having A Vision: Developing a Plan (Opens The Visioning Project)

Carol Taylor: Teaching 101

Alyson Stanfield: Effective Internet Marketing Techniques

Daren Redman: How to Write for Magazines - Working with Editors

Wendelyn Wood Anderson: Digital Textile Printing for the Beginning Fiber Artist

2008 Recordings

Jean Judd: Evolution of a Quilt Studio and Artist

Sandra Sider: Art of the Critique

Bruce Hoffman: Gallery Etiquette (Artist and Gallery)

Kate Themel: Life Changes: Moving from the Corporate World into the Art World

Anne Copeland: The value of a quilt: the appraisal and what it really means

Gloria Hansen: Digital printers and printing on fabric

Caryl Bryer Fallert: Being a professional artist

Lisa Chipetine: The Brand - why getting a "B" is so important

Jane Pollak: Things I wish I knew before I started my own business

Jennifer Marsh: Using your art to raise social awareness

Jacque Davis: Tips on commissions

Carol Ann Waugh: Publishing

2007 Recordings

V Kingsley: Using video for documentation

Judith Content: Account management: effectively dealing with museums and galleries

Melanie Testa: Creativity crisis: breaking the barriers

Greg Katz: Promotion: getting yourself noticed

Margaret Cusack: Tips for self promotion