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Thanks for helping us promote the 2019 SAQA Benefit Auction. We appreciate it!

SAQA's annual Benefit Auction will take place online from September 13 through October 6, 2019. With over 440 pieces of beautiful artwork available for bidding, there is something for everyone to enjoy! 

All proceeds help support SAQA's exhibition programs, publications, and education outreach. Plus, your purchase helps increase the recognition for art quilts and the artists who make them. For more details, visit


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marketing materials

For a limited time, beautiful Benefit Auction postcards are available via our marketing request form. Share with your collectors or bring to an event/gallery near you.

We also have some PDF downloads if you want to print at home:

Auction Graphics 

Are you a participating artist? Scroll down to bottom of page to find out how you can get your own customized artist badge!

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2019 Benefit Auction

2019 Benefit Auction

2019 Benefit Auction

2019 Benefit Auction


2019 SAQA Benefit Auction


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2019 SAQA Benefit Auction

2019 SAQA Benefit Auction


Custom Artist Images

Are you a participating artist in the 2019 Benefit Auction? Then get your very own artist badge with your own artwork! Images are perfect for sharing on Facebook or Instagram. Just send an email to and we will email you a digital file.

Here are some examples:

2019 Benefit Auction2019 Benefit Auction2019 Benefit Auction2019 Benefit Auction

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