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Membership Benefits

Our world-wide community is waiting to welcome you and offers you all these membership benefits and opportunities. 

ARTIST MEMBER: 1 Year $80, 2 Years $150, 3 Years $220  join now
Artist members create work that fits SAQA’s definition of the art quilt: a creative visual work that is layered and stitched or that references this form of stitched layered structure. Artist members have the opportunity to submit work for SAQA exhibitions.

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ASSOCIATE MEMBER: 1 Year $80, 2 Years $150, 3 Years $220  join now
Associate members participate in the quilt art world as curators, historians, academics, appraisers, and business owners.


All Artist/Associate members are invited to add their arts professional information to the  Art Services Directory for an additional fee. Each entry includes a full page with photos, description, and contact information.

 Existing Artist/Associate members can upgrade their membership to this category for only $25/year - contact for more details.  


JURIED ARTIST MEMBER: 1 Year $145, 2 Years $280, 3 Years $415
Juried artist members are SAQA artist members who have successfully submitted their portfolio for review. * See Juried Artist Overview for more details


STUDENT MEMBER: 1 Year $45   join now
Full-time students may join SAQA as an artist/associate member at a reduced rate. A copy of your full-time student ID is required.


AFFILIATE (for Organizations): 1 Year $100   more info
Organizations and artists groups can join SAQA as an Affiliate member.


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