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Artists selected for Turmoil


Turmoil is defined as a state of great disturbance, confusion or uncertainty.  It can be personal and internal, societal or natural.

This exhibition features work that depicts chaos, discord, imbalance and tumult. Artists were requested to explore the meaning of turmoil in their own lives. The works selected represent turmoil through color, line, and composition. 

Turmoil is scheduled to debut at IQF Houston along with Tranquility: Turmoil will be hung in the exterior space created by paneled walls, with Tranquility in the interior space. This environment will mirror the chaos depicted in these works. Artists were encouraged to consider submitting a piece for the exhibition, Tranquility, as well, addressing in art, the antonym and direct opposite, of their personal interpretation of Turmoil.

Juror:  Kate Lydon

Kate Lydon is the Director of Exhibitions at the Society for Contemporary Craft (SCC) in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and oversees the installation of exhibitions mounted at SCC’s main Strip District gallery and at the One Mellon satellite gallery in downtown Pittsburgh.


International Quilt Festival – Houston, TX: October 2016   
International Quilt Festival – Chicago, Illinois: April 2017   


Selected Artists and Titles

Margaret Abramshe (Nevada, USA) - Pallbearer
Holly Altman (New Mexico,USA) - The Flames They Left Behind
Karen Balos (California, USA) - Disheveled Love
Diane Born (Oregon, USA) - Slow Death by Alzheimer's
Sandra Branjord (Arizona, USA) - Breathing On Your Own...#5 Roses for Sandy series
Betty Busby (New Mexico, USA) - Fracture
Carol Capozzoli (Connecticut, USA) - A Cancerous Turmoil
Linda Colsh (Maryland, USA) - The Weather In Her Head
Vicki Conley (New Mexico, USA) - Flying Geese
Linda Engstrom (Arizona, USA) - Spiraling Out of Control
Sandy Gregg (Massachusetts, USA) - Crossings I
Betty Hahn (Arizona, USA) - Tied in Knots
Jim Hay (Gunma, Japan) - 1953 Popcorn
Jim Hay (Gunma, Japan) - Turmoil In Hiding
Patricia Kennedy-Zafred (Pennsylvania, USA) - Childhood Taken: The Doffer Boys
Jill Kerttula (Virginia, USA) - Baby Quilt
Judy Kirpich (Maryland, USA) - Conflict No.1
Jeanne Marklin (Massachusetts, USA) - Marklin Nebula
Kathy Nida (California, USA) - The Goddess of Never-Ending Chaos
Claire Passmore (Wiltshire, UK) - Echoes of Demons
Martha Ressler (Pennsylvania, USA) - Mother Serves the Turkey II
Deborah Runnels (Oregon, USA) - Ukiyo-The Sadness of Life
Mary Ruzich (Oregon, USA) - Above and Below
Maggie Vanderweit (Ontario, Canada) - Shattered - The Labyrinth of Loss


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