Geri Patterson-Kutras
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There's a wonderful story about a village that is all black and white. One day a little man arrives at the village and begins adding color to the scene. Little by little, people that pass his handiwork smile and feel happier. That's what my intention is as an artist. Translating the expressive power of color, composition and fabric, to create stories about structures and their environments and snapshot moments in the daily lives of people. My goal is to invoke a sense of delight and enjoyment for the viewer.

My work has been juried into exhibits shown both nationally and internationally. In addition my quilts are on display in public spaces and have been commissioned by private collectors. I do speaking engagements, trunk shows and classes which focus on my belief that there is an artist within each of us. One of my greatest contributions is the opportunity to teach art and quilting to children, passing on the joy of creative expression.

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Urban Density

Urban Density34"L x 44"W  

Living in the Silicon Valley the growing scarcity of land, creates challenges in a booming real estate market. As the demand for housing also increases so does cost and the availability. Out of necessity today`s architectural designers must become more creative while engineering acceptable living spaces. Thus as price and demand rise so does the need for structures to rise as well.

Japanese Fishing Village

Japanese Fishing Village41" x 27"  

Layers of the day unfold and are exposed as the sun begins its climb over the waking fishing village below. The boats are ready for their customary routine of carrying fishermen to the sea where they cast their nets and harvest it's bounty.


Transparencies34"L x27"W  

As communities become more crowded the homogenization of dwelling design becomes the accepted norm. Neighborhoods are congested, roof line to roof line creating an invisibility and undistinguishable character.

Deconstructed Houses

Deconstructed Houses37"L x 32.5"W  

The postmodern architectural theory of "Deconstruction" began in the late 1950s and was characterized by fragmentation of design elements. The outcome of distorting and dislocating elements of architecture results in unpredictability and controlled chaos.

By the Lake

By the Lake24"L x 19"W  

Imagine yourself in a beautiful high desert setting. There are groves of aspen tees and in the distance loom tall, blue mountains that even in the heat of July are white capped with snow. As you walk across a grassy meadow you're greeted by a lake with a small dock where colorful row boats rest after a long day of faring campers about on the blue waters in the brilliant sun. It's a moment to just stop, enjoy and keep in your memory as a respite you can return to for solace.