Multi-Media Fiber Artist
Denise A. Currier

Mesa, Arizona


Artist Information for Denise A. Currier

Most would agree that the beauty in everything reflects my philosophy. My personal art aspirations are themes from occurrences with Life’s complexities that afford the permission to play. In-studio play leans towards a whimsical series of those reflections. Visual interests are influenced by the Desert and Mountain ranges with travels and surrounding studio activity. The enjoyment of bringing outdoor fresh air into the home is how I derived from a young age, with a daily ritual and passion to create upon freedom in time and space.

Completion of a piece is crucial to my personal growth while my mind is then steered into the next inspired design. I stress the importance of observation and attention to detail, which keeps me inquisitive and inspires my new ideas. Art is in each of us, we who choose and afford the freedom to express, will absorb critique from those of understanding and instill satisfaction to completion. Something from nothing natural or synthetic brings society to attention. May we as artists and those with artistic appreciation walk a path that creates a destination most desire, admire and acclaim.

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In the Ballscape

In the Ballscape22.75" W by 28" H  

Artist`s Statement: Beauty in itself reflects my philosophy to find charisma in everything. Driven by a colorful fiber palette affords the permission to play in life`s complexities. Total Sale Price in Dollars (if for sale): NFS Insurance Value in Dollars: $4450 Materials: Cotton Pima and sateen Procion dyed fabrics, polyester/cotton, metallic threads, Warm and Natural batting, Watercolor, Prisma colored pencils, Ultrachrome ink printing, glass beads, fixative. Techniques: Original computer photograph printed image, hand painted and dyed fabrics, watercolor and colored pencil highlights, hand Embroidery, machine appliqued, pieced and quilted, spray fixed.


Godsspeed18” W x 30” H  

On July 20th 1969, I remember the families` black and white TV antennae rabbit ears on top, holding hands and jumping up and down with my 3 sibling brothers. As an only girl, I learned to hold a baby doll with grace while throwing mud balls with poised loveliness. The adults surrounding us anticipated excitement in the air while watching the tele broadcast man walking on the moon. The stage was set, one week later 4 children in the household were rampant with the chicken pox. Today`s memories of NASA history I sat down to design the one that I am most inspired by and moved to create in fiber. A pencil and paper in hand design to concept started with circular pattern movements and then to the color thought process. The main pictorial focus image chosen is the July 16, 1969, Apollo 11 liftoff with President Lyndon B. Johnson and Mrs. Johnson amongst the crowd viewing the launch tied to the actual space rocket liftoff with the Americas glorious Flag waving its glory. My personal favorite fun play of the art quilt was to dye the fabrics, create the dimension in color for the sky transitions, paint space with background particles that all materialize together in the spontaneous random quilted movements. Intrinsically a visual feast that meets history, story telling, artistic fun play and art quilt. Techniques: Artistically rendered hand colored images, hand dyed and painted surface design fabrics. Machine appliqued, pieced, quilted, Trapunto techniques. Materials: Procion dyed ultra sheen Cotton fabrics and threads, Prisma colored oil pencils, inks and acrylic paints.

“Rhythm Incline II”

“Rhythm Incline II”17.5" H x 21" W  

Artist`s Statement: Beauty in itself reflects my philosophy to find charisma in everything. Driven by a colorful fiber palette affords the permission to play in life`s complexities. Total Sale Price in Dollars (if for sale): NFS Insurance Value in Dollars: $8800.00 Materials: Procion dyed Cotton sateen, watercolor, acrylic paints, polyester/cotton/metallic threads, wool hand-spun weave, Warm and Natural batting, Prisma colored pencils, Artist Paintstiks, fixative. Techniques: Artist dyed fabrics and yarns hand spun and weaved, machine couched, trapunto appliqued, pieced and quilted. Watercolor and oil pencil highlights, spray fixed.

“Celebrate 50 Years of NASA”

“Celebrate 50 Years of NASA”51.5” H x 56“ W x 0.5” D  

One moment in time, July 20th, 1969, I remember watching the family 24 inch black and white TV with the antennae-rabbit ears on top with much anticipation. Holding hands and jumping up and down with 3 sibling brothers. Yes, I am the only girl of 4 and learned to hold a baby doll with grace and throw mud balls with loveliness and poise. The adults around us had put excitement in the air surrounding the telecast of man walking on the moon. One week later, this set the stage of 4 children and chicken pox in the household. With so many more fortunate memories of NASA history I sat to design the ones that I most am inspired and moved to create in fiber. First on a pencil and paper design concept, circular patterns come to mind, black and white and color as time progressed in the fiber pieces itself. These are the earlier years with NASA Firsts in space illustrated in this pictorial Quilt. June 3, 1965, Space Walk with Astronaut, Ed White from the Gemini 4 space craft. July 16, 1969, Apollo 11 lifts off with the watchful crowd and President Lyndon B. Johnson and Mrs. Johnson. July 20, 1969 First Walk on the Moon with Astronaut, Neil Armstrong who said `That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind`. July 31, 1971 first on the moon battery-powered Rover equipped with TV camera and scientific accessories. My personal favorite area of the quilt is the middle space background, stars and particles that materialize with spontaneous and random play in art. Quilt Technical: Hand dyed threads and Cotton, metallic threads and commercial fabrics. Altered images printed with Ultrachrome inks on cotton sateen fabrics. Colored oil pencils and other surface design with rusting and metallic painting techniques. Machine piece appliqued and quilted then dimensional Trapunto sewing techniques. Hand embroidery with cotton sateen threads, glass and metal beads. Hand made felted woolen buttons.

Perfect Moment in Time

Perfect Moment in Time24.5”W x 31.5”H x 1/4”Depth  

Studio work that reflects a photographic moment that brings borrowed time in material creative play. My obsessed artistic personal sessions require devoted internal movements along with best attributions. Learning and understanding life changes either reflects time in caring for family members, my personal needs or creative time. The love of caring, along with the rough patches that may bring bumps on the road, hope and encouragement gives self assurance and attributes to the positive attitude that tomorrow will bring the next new perfect moment. Material/Technique Description: Original artist`s photography printed onto pretreated cotton with Ultrachrome Inks and highlighted with Prismacolor pencils. Hand-dyed with Procion dyes, acrylic paint stenciled fabrics stitched with metallic threads. Machine freeform quilted and layered again to machine stitch. Sprayed with art fixative for longevity.