Kevan Lunney

18 Cherokee Road
East Brunswick, NJ
08816-5031 US


Artist Information for Kevan Lunney


“Viewing my work, I want you to feel you are listening to an ancient conversation, that others are reaching through time to speak to you.”

~ Kevan Lunney

  Inspiration for Lunney’s work comes from a radio program reporting on the discovery of papyrus documents from an ancient Egyptian rubbish mound. She realized it was doubtful the authors anticipated their debris would be unearthed and inspected 2,000 years in the future. Imagining someone examining our garbage two millennia from now caused Lunney to reflect upon the quality of items we have previously discarded, and the way that knowledge will impact our decisions concerning what we will leave behind in the future.

Lunney is keenly aware that everywhere we walk we touch things that have come before us; with everything we leave behind, we affect the future. This evokes questions for the artist. What has lasting value? What is permanent? Lunney’s conclusion is shared wisdom, nature’s elements, and time, and she interprets these concepts through her work.

Rows of stitches represent words of wisdom shared across generations. Metal leaf symbolizes the value of natural elements. Incorporating circles onto distressed linen conveys never–ending time and life cycles.

A mystery and dynamic presence exist between the darkness and light of Lunney’s creations. Perhaps a bit of despair is also revealed in the work. But her intent is to convey a hopeful message that time’s eternal presence provides endless opportunities for regeneration, if we hearken to the wisdom waiting for us from the past.

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Choices23 x 13 x 13"   linen paint, metal leaf, text says Our choices make the future

Archeology 24 Time to Rest

Archeology 24 Time to Rest64 x 56"   linen, stitch, paint, metal leaf. readable text says, We are all afraid and Time to Rest.


Time60 x 105"   linen, stitch, paint. Stitched text says Time, and time running.