Marjan Kluepfel


Artist Information for Marjan Kluepfel

I am an artist who uses fabric and thread as my medium instead of paper and paint....and a sewing machine instead of a brush.
The texture, color and prints of fabrics fascinate me and often give me inspiration for a new design. 

Most of my designs are organic. They are influenced by my love of nature and all its wonders. I like to work with color and movement in my pieces. The bright colors I use express my positive outlook on life. The texture of the fabrics is an important design element to me and in my work I use many different surface design techniques such as fabric dyeing, painting, printing, pleating and machine quilting and embroidery.

My desire has always been to create unique pieces and have lots of fun during the process.

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Forest Fire

Forest Fire37" x 25"   

I live in California where we have been experiencing severe drought for many years now. As a result my "forest fancy" too often turns into a "forest fire".

Forest Fancy

Forest Fancy37" x 25"   

I fancy forests to always look like this....

California Poppies

California Poppies29" x 50"   

These poppies are the California state flower. Their bright colors are such a happy sight.
The five panels are made out of my hand-dyed fabric, which was fused and free motion machine quilted.

No Maintenance Aquarium

No Maintenance Aquarium 28" x 52"   

Looking at the underwater world is very soothing and relaxing. My husband spends hours cleaning his aquarium. Mine is maintenance free!

Blue Trees Triptych

Blue Trees Triptych 27" x 94"   

I love to create tree and forest scenes. These three quilts depict the same forest landscape in different seasons: Spring, Winter and Fall.