Barbara Oliver Hartman

122 Red Oak Lane
Flower Mound, TX
75028-3501 US


Artist Information for Barbara Oliver Hartman

It never occurred to me to use a medium other than fiber; its warmth and softness drew me in and its diversity gives me unlimited possibilities and inspiration.  My work is sometimes spontaneous and abstract and other times quite structured and deliberate; at times subdued and at others may scream with color.  Each idea that I wish to pursue further is considered and the best way to proceed with the theme is decided through thoughtful reflection.  The process may take many paths, reach different conclusions and vary in style.  Hopefully the end result will make a connection with the viewer so we may stand on common ground.

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Red Autumn

Red Autumn45" L x 41" W   This is a piece that is part of an ongoing series that has been twenty years in the making. It began as an experiment using the very small bits and pieces from completed quilts. Over the years the finished work has evolved into an impressionistic style that enables me to reclaim all materials used in a useful manner and that makes me happy.