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Quilts are the way I express myself, they are my passion, my vision, they are the oxygen that keeps me going. When I am working, the world dissolves and my mind takes over. Creation is fulfilling, while worries and concerns disappear.

I look to abstract from what surrounds me, be it buildings or scenes that impinge onto my imagination, a fire, a flood, a reflection upon the water or on a building. I ask myself questions, how can I represent that which I’m seeing, how can I simplify it and still convey the feeling or the image.

I love to show my work to others, but foremost in my mind is that it speaks to me, that it tells the story I want to tell, and it is never about what others might or might not like.

My work has evolved and it is still evolving, while I look for different ways to tell the story. With the photographs of my work I have chosen, I have tried to represent two of my current and long-term interests, architecture and the environment. Of course, these are not my exclusive interests, but they are the ones that most affect my work.

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The Green at Southwick

The Green at Southwick50x29 in   Photo by Leslie Morgan

Southwick, the place were I live, has a wonderful Green divided in two. Both areas are used for many activities, playing football, running, dog walking, etc.; although the south area is also used for playing cricket during the season. 

The Parcelled Land

The Parcelled Land57" x 32"   Photo by Leslie Morgan

The land in Britain has been parcelled up since the land seizure after the Norman conquest, when it was taken by force. Today's landscape would be very different if this had not happened. And, these parcels of land, with their hedges and walls, produce a beautiful patchwork effect when seen from above. 

Elizabethan 2

Elizabethan 245 x 64 in   Photo by Leslie Morgan

It is interesting that, in general, half-timbered houses in Britain are black and white, while in the rest of Europe they seem to be black and yellow, so this is a street corner where both styles meet.
This piece was juried into European Art Quilts VIII (2014) and it is at present travelling in Europe. It has now come home.

The Flooded Land

The Flooded Land27x54    Photo by Leslie Morgan

As the world warms up, more and more lands are suffering devastating floods. We have seen many in recent years and that has been my inspiration. 

Cape Horn

Cape Horn37x24 in    Photo by Leslie Morgan

Cape Horn is the southernmost headland of the Tierra del Fuego archipelago and it is the point where the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans collide. The waters around the Cape are particularly dangerous and many lives and ships have been lost there. With my quit I try to express the movement and feeling of chaos and unpredictability of those waters.