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I primarily print, paint and dye textiles, often combined with photography to create fabric collages. All summer I print my fabric, primarily eco-printed or deconstructive screen printed these days. I’m always immersed in the creative and investigative process of making art in my home studio.

Surface design is clearly an aspect of the art process that I love. I thoroughly enjoy the play with color, value and construct. Exploration, problem solving and expression are always on the art path with me.  Mark-making and designing the composition are such satisfying processes.

I particularly enjoy improvisation which starts with one thing, an idea, a glimpse of a vision, perhaps something that captures my eye for a moment in time and it grows organically. I become focused on whatever piece I'm working on and, as a matter of course, follow the muse along the way.

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Out of the Blue

Out of the Blue24 x 20   Photo by Janis Doucette

In Out Of The Blue I thoroughly enjoyed the play with color and construct. First, I simply set out to express what I feel to be “art as quilt,” a joyful experience for me. So, on to create the pieces of the puzzle and how to fit them together into a composition that conveys ART!

I played with muffin tins and deconstructed screen prints, applying color with abandon. I experimented with shapes and line and payed close attention to value when I printed, as well as when it was time to audition all the pieces I had created. 

Pattern is always a critical part of my work, even when it’s low key and in the background.  In this case, though, pattern is bold and playful as can be. Hand embroidery becomes part of the pattern here and accentuates shape. 

I stitched lines, round and straight, to assemble the pieces and add structure and balance. Finally, out of the blue, three glistening glass beads completed the intricacy of this artwork.

Tulip Buddha

Tulip Buddha24.5 x 33   Photo by Janis Doucette

Tulip Buddha is a giclée print of a digital collage of a photograph I took in a friend’s yard on Cape Cod, where Buddha reigns over the garden, combined with a painting I did in the background. A wholecloth quilt, it’s free motion quilted onto an eco-felt backing.


Gestation35 x 26   Photo by Steve Gyurina

After the chaos? Shut down; then turning inward for reflection… barely perceptible shift of feelings begins to occur, not even thought yet, just sensations that barely register as awake. When I was a child, I remember hearing the birds sing as dawn approached - in that state of being barely nascent - not entirely asleep but not at all awake. It’s a magical place where no effort is required for change to evolve, for ideas to throw out shooters to find fertile ground to root in. You hardly even have to listen to hear the songs.

All`s One Under the Sun

All`s One Under the Sun23 x 14   Photo by Deidre Adams

In The Stillness

In The Stillness42.4 x 38   Photo by Steve Gyurina

It was a winter scene in my back yard – white, snow covered trees so quiet with snow sound proofing the ground.  Dividing it into four separate pieces of fabric, I began to build my fiber collage with eco-prints of some of the leaves that fell from those trees. A certain feeling of melancholy seems to flow from this photo, yet at the time, I didn’t know about the change that was to come.

Sometime after this piece was made, a micro-burst hit those trees and felled at least five of them.  I collected twigs from them, sewed them into the fabric and enshrined them with a fair amount of hand embroidered running stitches.  Indigo pieces are added with others on the bottom to signify striation of the soil, Mother Nature’s marks of time passing.