Monika Sebert


Artist Information for Monika Sebert

My interest is the exploration of tracks left over a passage of time, leaving mechanical, rhythmic or emotional marks.
The tactility of these remnants is highly represented by a dimensional surface such as a textile material is able to show with the use of fibre craft.
Embedded in ephemeral process micro- and macrocosm are subjected in decay, ageing and erosion.
The emphasis of my work is therefore the translation of my own perception of these processes in more or less abstract compositions of a whole cloth stitched surface.
My prefered techniques are machine stitching and machine quilting combined with coloring, discolorations and natural rust and sometimes using things like plastic wrapping and synthetic materials.
Through the artmaking process I try to understand my own feelings and thoughts and I hope the viewer will find a connection to this personal journey.

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Color Shift

Color Shift51 x 30 inch  

Growing older the look towards our life is changing. No matter which color our individual view is, returning a look and a smile is showing the colorful spectrum of a single person.

Als Ob

Als Ob39 x 39 inch  

The apparent movement is in contrast to the rigid surface. Exaggerated powerful shape makes this deformation obvious.


Lied45 x 37 inch  

Working in my studio I'm listening to my favorite music. Getting away from it all. My feelings are flying, I'm dreaming and creating new things and new horizons...getting high.


Waiting52 x 38 inch  

Spending time without missing anything! Isn't it something we have forgotten?


Lebzeit20 x 20 inch  

Life is creating ridges and valleys in our faces. Marks from our way of life showing a singular personality.