Sarah Entsminger

Ashburn, VA


Artist Information for Sarah Entsminger

I use fiber to document places visited, to tell a story and to create a filtered view of everyday structure and landscape. I am fascinated by the infinite variety of color, texture, pattern, and rhythm in the natural world. Whether representational or abstract, each piece of my art explores the intersection of color and memory.

A deliberate use of color is the most critical element in bringing these images to life as well as the defining voice of my work: whether found in fabric or fiber, or added with paint, ink, dye, or color pencil. Color not only sets line, shape and form into play, but also evokes memories, emotion and a sense of place.

Inspirational sketches begin each piece, followed by explorations of color, size and shape. Building layers of fabric then creates the image; some layers are manipulated with surface designs, paints or ink, and reflect the original sketches. The final layer is drawn with thread, holding together the image and adding essential line and texture.

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Summer at the Waterfront

Summer at the Waterfront39"W x 31"H   

At the Edge of the Woods

At the Edge of the Woods58"W x 56"H   

Wintertime in the City

Wintertime in the City54"W x 38"H   

Lakeside Meadow

Lakeside Meadow 35"W x 17"H   

Roosevelt Coneflowers

Roosevelt Coneflowers 20"W x 20"H